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Master of Public Administration Internships

Students admitted to the Master of Public Administration Program as Pre-Career at Western Michigan University are required to complete a 3 credit hour internship. To meet the 3 credit hour requirement, students must complete 300 contact hours, or 20 hours per week for a 15 week period (one semester). While completing the internship, students must enroll in PADM 7120: Professional Field Experience.

Internship scheduling and coordination

Pre-career students needing an internship should contact the Director of the Graduate Internship Programs in the School of Public Affairs and Administration at least one semester prior to enrolling in PADM 7120. The Director of the Graduate Internship Programs will have information about available internships and/or will be able to help you set one up. Internships normally correspond to the academic calendar beginning in January, May, or September. Internships may be paid or unpaid. The student, the Director of the Graduate Internship Programs, and the sponsoring agency should agree in advance to internship arrangements.

Pre-career MPA students

Need an internship for spring 2014?
Call 387-8930 for an internship advising appointment with Dr. Liggett.

Director of the graduate internship programs

Dr. Barbara Liggett