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From the inception of the doctoral degree in public administration through December there have been 98 graduates from the SPAA doctoral program. This list includes each of their names, graduation dates, and dissertation titles. Revised 3/26/2008.

Full text dissertations can be found via ProQuest.

Khandaker N. Islam, Ph.D. (April 2014)
A Study on Generic Substitution Policy as a Cost

Sylivia T. Juta, Ph.D. (April 2014)
The Growing Women’s Political Activism in Africa, 1990-2010:  An Explanatory Analysis of Institutions and Contexts

Daryl D. Green, Ph.D. (December 2013)
Exploring Police Active Shooter Preparedness in Michigan:  A Grounded Study of Police Preparedness to Active Shooter Incidents, Developing a Normative Model

Daniel L. Rundhaug, Ph.D. (December 2013)
Leadership Loss within Independently-Controlled Protestant Churches:  Protecting Against Leadership Turmoil and Turnover

Kelly A. Trusty, Ph.D. (December 2013)
SIMO:  Modeling and Measuring the Relationships between Strategy, IT/Mission Alignment Maturity, and Nonprofit Organizational Outcomes

Eileen L. Pierce, Ph.D. (August 2011)
Citizen-Informed Performance Measurement and Reporting in Local Government: Key Factors for Effective Democratic Governance

Roselyn Zator (August 2011)
Exploring Collaborative Governance: Case Studies of Disruptions in Coastal Management Collaborations and Resulting Effects upon the Collaborations and Outcomes

Eileen L. Pierce (August 2011)
Citizen-Informed Performance Measurement and Reporting in Local Government: Key Factors for Effective Democratic Governance

Randy J. Baxter (December 2010)
Applying Proximal Case Characteristics to Expand Outcome Measures and Strengthen Effectiveness in a State Family Preservation Services Program

Jonathan Muterera (April 2008)
The Relationship Between Leadership Theory Behaviors, Follower Attitudes and Behaviors, and Organizational Performance in United States County Governments

Mark Steven Reece (December 2007)
Economic Impacts of Casino Gambling on Rural Michigan Communities

Anna Aleksandrova Filipova (December 2007)
Perceived Organizational Support and Ethical Work Climates as Predictors of Turnover Intention of Licensed Nurses in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Judith Brown Clarke (December 2007)
Evaluating the Effectiveness and Benefit-cost of the Michigan Background Check Program Using Crime Opportunity Theory

Gerald Lee Zandstra (August 2007)
Public Administration Theory and Views of the Human Person

Gregg G. Guetschow (August 2007)
Coordination, Collaboration, and Culture: Local Economic Development in a Time of Networks

Amy Sue DeSonia (June 2007)
An Evaluative Model for Incorporating Diversity Training into Teacher Preparation

Peter Kiiru Kariuki, Ph.D. (December 2006)
The Challenges of Implementing Privatization Reform Program of State-Owned Enterprises in Kenya

James J. Walters, Ph.D. (December 2006)
Funding Michigan K-12 Education Adequacy without Rewarding Inefficiency

Raymond Jay Higbea, Ph.D. (December 2006)
Nongovernmental Program Replication and Implementation: What Can Community-Based Programs to Support the Uninsured Learn from Other Communities?

Craig Korpela, Ph.D. (December 2006)
The Cover-Up is More Damaging than the Sin: Sexual Scandals at the Cabinet and Sub-Cabinet Levels

David L. Rich, D.P.A. (December 2006)
A Heuristic Study of the Decision to Privatize Local Government Services

Michael Bennett Amspaugh, D.P.A. (December 2006)
Results of Early Implementation of Government Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34 in 15 Ohio School Districts

Anne Julie Hacker, Ph.D. (August 2006)
Unintended Consequences in Public Policy: Formulation and Implementation of Michigan's Safe Delivery of Newborns Law

Anne G. Zahradnik, Ph.D. (June 2006)
Providing Uninsured Adults with Free or Low-Cost Primary Care: Does it Influence their Use of Hospital Emergency Departments?

Robert J. Sobie, Ph.D. (June 2006)
Electronic Government Accessibility for People with Visual Impairments

Susan F. Homant, D.P.A. (April 2006)
The War on Drugs versus the War on Pain: Do Controlled Prescribing Laws Have a Role?

Alee Abrahim Sleymann, Ph.D. (April 2006)
A Study on Perceptions of Civil Engineers Regarding Mandatory Continuing Education

Robert G. Muladore, Ph.D. (April 2006)
Implementing Community Policing Successfully: An Analysis of the Degree of Police Engagement with the Philosophy and Practice of Community Policing

Duane A. Terpstra, D.P.A. (December 2005)
Job Perceptions Within Campus Law Enforcement

Jianfeng Wang, Ph.D. (August 2005)
An Empirical Study of Fiscal Decentralization in China

Kenneth J. Schilling, D.P.A. (June 2005)
The One-Stop Permit and Plan Review Center: Three Case Studies

Richard A. Ketrow, Ph.D. (June 2005)
A Leadership Model for Roman Catholic Social Service Agencies

Cheryl K. Sibilsky-Soule, Ph.D. (April 2005)
Collaboration through Partnerships: A Review of Six Michigan Communities

Ruby M. Meriweather, D.P.A. (April 2005)
Factors Affecting Treatment Program Development in a Mental Health Facility Serving Prisoners

Alexander R. Dawoody, Ph.D. (December 2004)
U.S. Policy Toward Iraq Within the Context of Complexity Theories

Damita Jo Zweiback, D.P.A. (December 2004)
The Relationship Between Locus of Control and Nutrition Health Status Among Adult WIC Participants

Pamela Meserve Erbisch, D.P.A. (December 2004)
Management Style, Organizational Climate and Organizational Performance in a Public Mental Health Agency: An Integral Model

Doty Latuszek, Ph.D. (December 2004)
A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Two Teaching Modalities for Pre-College Level Mathematics Courses at a Two-Year College

John N. Vinson, Ph.D. (December 2004)
Leadership Competency Needs of Future U.S. Campus Law Enforcement Administrators

Carol M. Sundberg, Ph.D. (August 2004)
Examining the Meaning and Experience of Self-Determination and Its Impact on Quality of Life for Individuals with Cognitive Disabilities

Saleh Abdel Rahman Ahmed, Ph.D. (August 2004)
From Violence-Prone to Violence-Prepared Organizations: Assessing the Role of Human Resources Management in Preventing Workplace Violence in American City Governments

Timothy J. Kangas, Ph.D. (June 2004)
Child Welfare and Devolving Federalism: An Analysis of the Effects of Federal Funding Schemes on Intended Child Welfare Outcomes in Michigan

Christine M. Wallace, Ph.D. (April 2004)
The Theory of Transpersonal Leadership: A Grounded Theory Study

Terry L. Fisk, D.P.A. (April 2004)
A Comparative Study: Factors Related to Adoption, Management, and Impact of Police Consolidation and Amalgamation in Norfolk County, England and Kent and Ottawa Counties, Michigan

Eugene H. McKay III, Ph.D. (December 2003)
Student Satisfaction with Michigan Community College Distance Education Courses

Sherie Williams, Ph.D. (August 2003)
Examination of the Skills and Dispositions Needed for Assistant Principals to be Effective Disciplinarians

David Daniel Westcot, Ph.D. (August 2003)
An Analysis of the Level of Union Membership Since the Implementation of NAFTA

Bruce A. Nanzer, Ph.D. (June 2003)
Ownership and Stewardship: Attitudes Among Michigan’s Voters Impacting Opposition to Great Lakes Water Diversions

Cherise E. Brandell, Ph.D. (June 2003)
Public Discourse and Social Capital: An Assessment of Open, Honest and Fair in One Community’s Public Deliberation Processes

Margaret Mary Bernhard, D.P.A. (June 2003)
Essential Elements of an Implementation Process for Grant-Funded Projects/Programs in Nonprofit Organizations

James H. Houston, D.P.A. (April 2003)
Drug Courts: A Study of Retention and Suspension in the Kalamazoo County Drug Court Program

Daniel J. Hurley, Ph.D. (December 2002)
A Study of the Leadership Preparedness of Public University Chief Business Offices

Dale K. Howe, Ph.D. (April 2002)
Demographic Factors Predictive of Medicaid Enrollment in Michigan Counties

Patricia A. Collins, D.P.A. (April 2002)
Organizational Alignment Within a State Government Agency

Sylvia M. Rafels, D.P.A. (December 2001)
Women and Combat: Impediments to the Total Integration of Women in the Military

Nancy L. Quarles, Ph.D. (December 2001)
Visionary Leadership: The Importance in the Public Sector from the Perspective of City Managers

Linda G. Kimball, D.P.A. (April 2001)
The Grandparent-Raising-Grandchildren Phenomenon in Michigan

Cheryl A. Lauber, D.P.A. (December 2000)
Developmental, Psychosocial, and Economic Predictors of Healthy Newborns in Michigan's Teenage Pregnancies

Henry J. Bowers, D.P.A. (June 2000)
Public Policy: Affirmative Action, Social Equity and Employment Patterns in Michigan's Construction Industry 1966-1997

Maureen E. Myers, D.P.A. (April 2000)
The Perceived Economic, Social, and Cultural Impacts of Gaming on a Michigan Indian Tribe

Timothy J. Cole, D.P.A. (April 2000)
Practitioners' Perspectives on Alternatives to the Paper-Based System for Preventing Welfare Fraud

David P. Moxley, D.P.A. (December 1999)
Foundations of Board Development: Theory and Practice in Community Service Organizations

Roxana M. Hopkins, D.P.A. (December 1999)
Site-Based Management and Student Achievement

Warren C. Gregory, D.P.A. (December 1999)
Symbolic Politics: Government's War Against the Working Class

David E. Freed, D.P.A. (December 1999)
Implementing Organizational Change in a Public Agency

Carole A. Richardson, D.P.A. (June 1999)
The Role of Access in Evaluating Distance Learning Program Effectiveness

Abel E. Ekpunobi, D.P.A. (April 1999)
Judicial Decision Making Under Michigan Sentencing Guidelines

Jung S. Park, D.P.A. (December 1998)
The Impact of Social, Political, and Economic Forces on Environmental Protection Efforts

Catherine E. Earl, D.P.A. (April 1998)
Health Care Benefits of Nursing Students as Predictors of Intentions to Care for AIDS Patients

Velma L. Clay, D.P.A. (April 1998)
African American Females and the Glass Ceiling in the Defense Logistics Agency

Sharon R. Carr, D.P.A. (April 1998)
A Study of Local Cosmopolitan Orientation with a University Support Staff

Rosemary C. (Zivic) Hurlburt, D.P.A. (April 1997)
Outcomes Related to the Quality of Life of Oncology Patients Aged 65 and Older Following Initial Cancer Treatment

Christopher P. Petras, D.P.A. (December 1996)
Millage Election Outcomes in Michigan Public School Districts: A Test of the Rational Choice and Social Psychological Voting Models

Walter S. Ormes, D.P.A. (December 1996)
The Measurement of Dental Disease in a Correctional Setting: The Importance to Functional Service Delivery

Diana L. Newman, D.P.A. (December 1996)
The Impact of Patient Representative on Satisfaction

Robert G. Lovell, D.P.A. (August 1996)
Welfare Reform Cost Neutrality: A Case Study in Federalism

James M. Kadlecek, D.P.A. (August 1996)
Intergovernmental Cooperation in Metropolitan Grand Rapids, Michigan

James P. Hurren, D.P.A. (June 1996)
Implementation of an "Early Return to Duty" Policy Within the Michigan Civil Service

Randall E. Phillips, D.P.A. (April 1996)
Crises in the Regulation of Long-Term Care

James S. Neubecker, D.P.A. (April 1996)
An Evaluation of Privatization, Taxes, and User Fees as Alternative Strategies for Municipal Trash Collection

Larry A. Buzas, D.P.A. (April 1996)
Lobbying in the Nonprofit Sector: A Study of Practice and Values

Phillip A. Brown, D.P.A. (April 1996)
The Public Administrationist as Civic Shaman: The Self-Reflective Integrator of Policy Frames of Reference and Social Character

Gary R. Kitts, D.P.A. (April 1995)
Public Choice or Public Spirit: Toward a More Comprehensive Theory of Regulation

Carol L. Francke, D.P.A. (August 1994)
Effective Changes in Hospital Patient Accounting Since the Prospective Payment System (PPS)

Barbara A. Adams, D.P.A. (August 1994)
The Unprepossessing Mr. Ryan: Understanding Exemplary Legislative Leadership

Donald W. Wright, D.P.A. (April 1994)
The Effects of Utilitarianism on Performance Appraisal and Selected Output Measures in a Weberian Bureaucracy

Robert P. Brown, D.P.A. (April 1994)
Guiding the Wild Heart: Steering the State Safely Between Scylla and Charibdis

Gerald H. Smith, D.P.A. (April 1992)
The Rise and Decline of Mental Health Hospitals in the State of Michigan

Robert J. Leneway, D.P.A. (June 1991)
A Comparative Study of Employment Outcomes of the Projects with Industry and the State/Federal Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

John E. Crews, D.P.A. (August 1990)
Demographic Characteristics, Rehabilitation Outcomes, and Family Concerns of Individuals Who are Older and Blind

Robert E. Maki, D.P.A. (June 1990)
The Relationship Between Private and Commercial Driver Records and Accidents in Michigan

Roger J. Shoemaker, D.P.A. (December 1989)
Corporate Resistance to Early Return to Work Policy

Connie D. Dykman, D.P.A. (December 1989)
Conversion of the Coldwater Regional Mental Health Center: The Impact on Employees

Sivaswami (Nat) Amarnath, D.P.A. (December 1989)
Assessment Inequities of Residential Properties in Nine Michigan Townships

Michael K. Tsai, D.P.A. (April 1989)
The Impact of Self-Esteem and Locus of Control on Expectancy Theory Predictions of Work Effort

Robert M. O'Brien, D.P.A. (June 1988)
The Effects of Participative Management of Teacher Satisfaction During Periods of Organizational Decline

Gondy B. Rao, D.P.A. (April 1988)
Determination of a "Benchmark" Rate of Return for Regulated Small Telephone Utilities in the State of Michigan

Yung Sung Wu, D.P.A. (December 1987)
Development of Michigan JTPA Title IIA Performance Standards Regression Models Under the New Federalism

James R. Wieber, D.P.A. (December 1987)
The Idea of Good Government: The Evolution of Administrative Thought and Practice in the American Republic

Richard J. Liles, D.P.A. (December 1987)
An Analysis of the Use of Special Masters for Assuring Compliance with judicial Decrees in Corrections Litigation

James R. Constandt, D.P.A. (August 1987)
School District Current Operating Expenditures: A Comparative Analysis of Michigan School Districts Having a Student Population of 10,000 to 50,000 for 1985-86

Edmund P. Kemp, D.P.A. (June 1987)
Alcoholism Treatment and its Effect on Subsequent Health Care Costs: A Medicaid Study of Cost Differences by Treatment Setting

Kenneth L. Slater, D.P.A. (August 1986)
A Historical Analysis of Public Policy for the Care and Treatment of People Who Are Mentally Retarded in Michigan

Leonard R. McConnell, II, D.P.A. (August 1986)
Perceived Barriers and Proposed Solutions for Employment of the Handicapped: Attitudes of Employers and Employment Agencies

R. Dee Lee Woell, D.P.A. (December 1985)
Predicting Agency Survival as a Function of Constituency Support in the Michigan Mental Health System

Josef R. Soper, D.P.A. (December 1985)
The Implementation of Deterrence: A Multi-Approach Assessment of the Impact of Recent Changes in Anti-Drunk Driving Legislation on Reducing Alcohol-Involved Fatalities

Shyu-tu Lee, D.P.A. (August 1985)
Beyond the Contingency Theory: Environment, Structure and Administrator's Coping Ability in the Public Sector