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Semester and session schedules

Summer 2014

PDF MPA and doctoral schedules
(Updated June 16, 2014)

Fall 2014

PDF MPA and doctoral schedules
(Updated June 19, 2014)

Spring 2015

PDF MPA and doctoral schedules
(Updated July 23, 2014)


Multi-Year Course Plan

MPA course plan
(Updated July 22, 2014)

To view the individual regional location MPA multi-year course plans, click on the location below.

Battle Creek

Ph.D. course plan
(Updated July 22, 2014)

Course scheduling

Students are strongly encouraged to use the multi-year course plan to develop individualized plans of study that outline the semesters and sessions during which each of the courses will be undertaken. By developing individualized plans, students will minimize the amount of time and driving for completing all MPA program requirements.

When developing an individualized course plan, students should keep in mind the following guidelines:

Taken early in the program

Taken towards the end of the program

In order to avoid any unwanted surprises during the graduation audit process, all individualized course plans should be approved by the students' MPA advisors.