The School of Public Affairs and Administration at Western Michigan University offers, in conjunction with the Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office, various financial aid programs, scholarships and assistantships to students who are just entering as well as those already in a graduate program.

The graduate certificates in nonprofit leadership and administration and health care administration are non-degree seeking programs, which may not qualify for certain financial aid or scholarships. If you have questions, please contact Western Michigan University's Student Financial Aid and Scholarships office.

Please note that effective spring 2015, the M.P.A. Scholar and Emerging Student Award amounts have changed.

Financial aid programs

Graduate Student Research Grant

The Graduate Student Research Grants are intended to assist graduate students with the unusual and extraordinary costs associated with scholarly research, scientific inquiries, and other scholarly activities.

Graduate Student Travel Fund

  • The Graduate Student Travel Grants support graduate students engaged in independent scholarly research, scientific inquiry, inventive technology, and artistic and creative activity.


Master of Public Administration students may apply for:

The Government Financial Officers Association is currently offering students interested in pursuing a career in state or local government finance numerous scholarship opportunities. Please visit their website if you would like more detailed information. 

  • Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship: $12,000 for full-time graduate students preparing for a career in state and local government finance. Funded by the Girard Miller Foundation.

  • Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship: two scholarships of $7,000 each for full-time undergraduate or graduate accounting students preparing for a career in state and local government finance.

  • Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship: $7,000 for minority students who are preparing for a career in state and local government finance and are upper division or graduate students of public administration, (governmental) accounting, finance, political science, economics, or business administration (with a specific focus on government or non-profit management) . Funded by Tyler Technologies.