Personofy is a phone app that enables travelers to find places and events that pertain to their interests and personalities. The app uses personality data to place users into four categories: Adventurer, Thinker, Partier and Conservative. Once a traveling personality is identified and a trip is planned, users receive a suggested itinerary full of relevant activities, adventures, attractions, restaurants and more. Personofy will save travelers time and enhance their traveling experience.

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ThrottleStops has developed and maintains a website and smartphone application that allows motorcycle enthusiasts (bikers, riders, and motorcycle owners) to find and share popular routes and biker-friendly establishments. Using a map graphical user interface and geo-location technology, motorcycle enthusiasts can search and find establishments near them and on their route, as well as provide reviews of establishments they visit to help their fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. To ensure accuracy, ThrottleStops staff verifies the submitted address and information on a regular basis.

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We are a supplier rating website that will allow buyers to view supplier ratings on key metrics ranging from product quality to shipping performance. The service is targeted towards new, young, and small businesses that do not have the resources necessary to perform extensive supplier evaluations. Customers are charged a monthly or yearly membership fee to access the supplier ratings. Currently the website is under development, and we are obtaining feedback from beta customers to adjust the service according to the needs of the market.

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Hacker Gals

Hacker Gals is a community group in the Kalamazoo area who modify objects or ideas to fit personal needs. The group meets in a common space to work on projects ranging from the craft room to the tool room in a collaborative and social environment. This gives the Hacker Gals the chance to learn from each other. The goal of Hacker Gals is to foster a healthy and productive lifestyle, which leads to empowerment and the betterment of members and everyone in their lives.

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E-Z Bind

E-Z Bind addresses the safety issues facing truck drivers locking down their heavy loads. The first product that the company has developed is a replacement to the existing chain binders, which require a lot of force and are hard to lock in place. The product uses incremental locking with an extendable handle to easily and safely secure heavy loads on flatbed trucks and trailers. 


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