Blue Boards is a one-handed, travel-friendly presentation roll board for viewing and revising large documents.  This portable blueprint drafting board will keep prints in pristine condition.

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Litvo is an easy, fast and organized way of connecting with people nearby who want to do something socially with the four key features of 'Timeline', 'Post', 'LitSpots' and 'Connect'.

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MekaFly is a fixed-wing, unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with vertical take-off and landing technology.  It will provide a cost effective means for local farmers around Michigan to perform crop dusting.

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Mystery SOCIAL

Mystery Social is an entertainment service where a host offers a murder mystery game.  One of the guests secretly plays a murderer and the other guests determine who the murderer is.  The event can be fun for a corporate event, social party, wedding, birthday, etc.

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Rev.U is a website that matches college students with products, events, and groups based off their personality, preference and life experiences.

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WeR..U offers a communication platform via a mobile application that will help connect you to colleagues, students and parents.  The platform will allow faster and more efficient communication and you can control your own privacy.

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Science cafe

Science Cafe is a coffee shop serving quality expresso, lattes and pourer coffee in a comfortable space.  This revolutionary coffee shop will utilize equipment with data analytics which will ensure that each customer will get the exact drink that they desire.

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Ingenious Fitness Solutions

Ingenious Fitness Solutions' primary product is the headphone protector. The headphone protector is applied to the ear cushion and headband of headphones. While it is attached to the headphones, it will absorb sweat and bacteria. After use, this product can be washed and reused in order to sustain a clean and healthy environment, as well as increase the longevity of the headphones.

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Gilbonite LLC focuses on technology to aid in the care for the autistic and developmental disability communities. Gilbonite technology specializes in translating enterprise data into knowledge. This improves patient care, increases best practice sharing, enhances operational performance and provides a platform for clinicians from multiple disciplines to collaborate. Gilbonite's current product line is enterprise software for caregivers in the autistic community. This product provides a platform for clinicians to capture, collect, store, analyze, report and share electronic medical records. This software helps to increase the ease and efficiency of every step from patient diagnosis to reimbursement.

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Authenic import motors

Authentic Import Motors is an import/export car company specializing in the import of specialty Japanese sports cars.  The company will also be able to repair and restore all makes and models.

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