SafeSense Technologies

SafeSense Technologies is dedicated to the development of sensing systems using printed electronics. The team has been working towards developing a flexible sensor to detect and measure impacts received in the sports field.  Once a player is hit, the information from the sensor will be sent to a smartphone based application that will use multiple variables to provide information used to determine whether or not an athletic trainer should check for a concussion. The smartphone application will provide a long-term and permanent record of past impacts and concussion assessments. The concussion monitoring in helmets, using a printed impact sensor along with the free smartphone application, is the first use case of this platform technology, and the team plans to incorporate printed sensing technology for other applications in the future.

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As more and more people seek simple, lightweight, and portable solutions, the use of tablets has risen immensely, allowing users to manage every aspect of their life through software and apps. However, there is a crucial design flaw in the tablet. Their smooth flat surfaces are not made to fit into our hands making portability, comfort, and usability very awkward. FlexAble Solutions Inc, has designed the perfect solution to remedy this awkward situation. Our product the Gripp.It, finally allows you to get a grip on your tablet.

The Gripp.It is composed of two simple rubber grips that can be hooked onto most medium to large tablets. The ergonomically designed hand grips are engineered to fit nicely into most hands giving you a secure hold on your tablet. The grips are connected by an elastic bridge that holds them firmly in place.

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Code-Bits strives to design software that improves people’s lives at home and at work. Code-Bits develops software for both business and for individual consumers. Code-Bits software for business improves business processes and efficiency. Code-Bits software for home is designed to simplify every day tasks, reducing work for the consumer. Code-Bits’ safety suit of applications and first consumer application are under development and scheduled for release at the end of the year.

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Revolutionary Designs

Revolutionary Designs is introducing its first product, a bottle filling mechanism. This product is superior to its standard counterparts in all aspects, and its customer segment consists of all businesses which fill containers with fluid. When switching to this product, users will drastically increase their net revenue by reducing maintenance costs, eliminating downtime, and nearly doubling their current filling rate.

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Campus Tutor

Campus Tutor is a company established to offer a platform to allow current students to become tutors to fulfill their passion to help and tutor other fellow students. Campus Tutor is a company created by students for students. We want to create a comfortable, friendly environment that influences and drives learning for anyone in college.

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Hacker Gals

Hacker Gals enables diverse women to pool their resources and modify their situations to improve knowledge, health, careers, and personal well-being.  The Gals are part of a community group who meet in a common space to work on projects ranging from crocheting to meal planning and from writing books to meditating.  Each Gal serves as a resource to the community by teaching classes or sharing knowledge, which helps us all change our lives for the better.

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SpeechMasterPro is a company that focuses on helping adults and children with speech disorders. The company’s first device is designed to improve enunciation skills, slow down speaking pace, and strengthen facial muscles and can be used while practicing speaking and for preparing for a public speech.


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