Accelerator Alumni

Fall 2015 cohort

SafeSense Technologies

SafeSense Technologies is dedicated to the development of sensing systems using printed electronics. The team has been working towards developing a flexible sensor to detect and measure impacts received in the sports field.  Once a player is hit, the information from the sensor will be sent to a smartphone based application that will use multiple variables to provide information used to determine whether or not an athletic trainer should check for a concussion. The smartphone application will provide a long-term and permanent record of past impacts and concussion assessments. The concussion monitoring in helmets, using a printed impact sensor along with the free smartphone application, is the first use case of this platform technology, and the team plans to incorporate printed sensing technology for other applications in the future.

Team members


Code-Bits strives to design software that improves people’s lives at home and at work. Code-Bits develops software for both business and for individual consumers. Code-Bits software for business improves business processes and efficiency. Code-Bits software for home is designed to simplify every day tasks, reducing work for the consumer. Code-Bits’ safety suite of applications and first consumer application are under development and scheduled for release at the end of the year.

Team member


As parents continuously buy new sports cleats for their kids who participate in more than one sport year after year, their pockets remain empty. Buying multiple sports cleats can get expensive pretty fast. This problem can be solved by one simple product, Ocleat. Ocleat offers the option of only having to purchase one sports cleat versus several other cleats. The cleat has an interchangeable bottom which is done by removing the entire bottom portion of the cleat while inserting a new, custom-made portion to fit the needs of the sport you wish to play. Each sport will have a unique designed bottom slide in and can be used over and over. Customizing the cleat is simple, quick, and beneficial. Users of Ocleat can play as many sports as they wish for the price of one!

Team member

Prime Solutions

Prime Solutions is developing a guitar strap that gives guitar players the ability to practice their electronic instruments quietly and freely. The strap incorporates a headphone amplification system allowing the guitarists to hear themselves play along to music through headphones, with minimal exterior sound. Additionally, the guitar strap features plug-ins for headphones and mp3 players or cell phones, minimizing exposed cords and wires, which get in the way while practicing. Our guitar strap is the ultimate practice tool for guitarists who need to practice quietly, along to music, or through headphones.

Team members

Summer 2014 cohort

Revolutionary Designs

Revolutionary Designs is introducing its first product, a bottle filling mechanism. This product is superior to its standard counterparts in all aspects, and its customer segment consists of all businesses which fill containers with fluid. When switching to this product, users will drastically increase their net revenue by reducing maintenance costs, eliminating downtime, and nearly doubling their current filling rate.

Team member

  • David Szpunar, mechanical engineering

Campus Tutor

Campus Tutor is a company established to offer a platform to allow current students to become tutors to fulfill their passion to help and tutor other fellow students. Campus Tutor is a company created by students for students. We want to create a comfortable, friendly environment that influences and drives learning for anyone in college.

Team members

  • Jordan Zwart, management
  • Layla Farwana, integrated supply management


As more and more people seek simple, lightweight, and portable solutions, the use of tablets has risen immensely, allowing users to manage every aspect of their life through software and apps. However, there is a crucial design flaw in the tablet. Their smooth flat surfaces are not made to fit into our hands making portability, comfort, and usability very awkward. FlexAble Solutions Inc, has designed the perfect solution to remedy this awkward situation. Our product the Gripp.It, finally allows you to get a grip on your tablet.

The Gripp.It is composed of two simple rubber grips that can be hooked onto most medium to large tablets. The ergonomically designed hand grips are engineered to fit nicely into most hands giving you a secure hold on your tablet. The grips are connected by an elastic bridge that holds them firmly in place.

Team member

  • Sonnet Woolf, engineering design technology

Hacker Gals

Hacker Gals enables diverse women to pool their resources and modify their situations to improve knowledge, health, careers, and personal well-being.  The Gals are part of a community group who meet in a common space to work on projects ranging from crocheting to meal planning and from writing books to meditating.  Each Gal serves as a resource to the community by teaching classes or sharing knowledge, which helps us all change our lives for the better.

Team member

  • Stacy Burdette, rhetoric and writing studies


SpeechMasterPro is a company that focuses on helping adults and children with speech disorders. The company’s first device is designed to improve enunciation skills, slow down speaking pace, and strengthen facial muscles and can be used while practicing speaking and for preparing for a public speech.


Team member:

  • Daniel Floyd, marketing

Spring 2014 cohort

E-Z Bind

E-Z Bind addresses the safety issues facing truck drivers locking down their heavy loads. The first product that the company has developed is a replacement to the existing chain binders, which require a lot of force and are hard to lock in place. The product uses incremental locking with an extendable handle to easily and safely secure heavy loads on flatbed trucks and trailers.

Team members

  • Christopher Woodward, industrial engineering
  • Persefoni Lauhon, master of science in industrial engineering


Personofy is a phone app that enables travelers to find places and events that pertain to their interest and personalities. The app uses personality data to place users into four categories: Adventurer, Thinker, Partier and Conservative. Once a traveling personality is identified and a trip is planned, users receive a suggested itinerary full of relevant activities, adventures, attractions, restaurants and more. Personofy will save travelers time and enhance their traveling experience.

Team members

  • Matt Rumora, management and economics


HogSpots has developed and maintains a website and smartphone application that allows motorcycles enthusiasts (bikers, riders, and motorcycle owners) to find and share popular routes and biker-friendly establishments. Using a map graphical user interface and geo-location technology, motorcycle enthusiasts can search and find establishments near them and on their route, as well as provide reviews of establishments they visit to help their fellow motorcycle enthusiasts. To ensure accuracy, HogSpots staff verifies the submitted address and information on a regular basis.

Team members

  • Matt Page, master of business administration


We are a supplier rating website that will allow buyers to view supplier ratings on key metrics ranging from product quality to shipping performance. The service is targeted towards new, young, and small businesses that do not have the resources necessary to perform extensive supplier evaluations. Customers are charged a monthly or yearly membership fee to acccess the supplier ratings. Currently the website is under development, and we are obtaining feedback from beta customers to adjust the service according to the needs of the market.

Team members

  • Justin Wing, integrated supply management
  • Andrew Taylor, integrated supply manangement

Fall 2013 cohort

AM Andrew Z, LLC

The AM Andrew Z LLC company has developed an antimicrobial film containing graphics to advertise products and brands on high traffic equipment in the establishments in which they are sold. In a cooperative effort with both sponsoring partners and the store/establishment, we address the increasing problem of unsanitary public areas while providing a valuable advertising avenue. The product provides a benefit to businesses by providing a unique point-of-purchase advertising opportunity and to consumers by providing product protection. As a result, the company creates financial, community relations and sponsorship incentives for our partners by raising awareness of sanitation problems and mitigating those sanitation problems with the support of our sponsoring partners.

Team member

  • Nancy Field, master of business administration

EZ Bagger

EZ Bagger is designed to reuse plastic shopping bags, converting them into a functional waste container. Customers simply secure a shopping bag onto the unit by looping the handles over the top hangers of the unit. Once the shopping bag is full, they can simply remove it from the unit, tie it and throw it away. EZ Bagger is great for use under sinks, around the yard, in dormitory and recreation rooms, for diaper disposal, for recycling, pet pick up and more.

Team member:

  • Colleen Villa, master of business administration

Summer 2013 cohort

Fish Ninja

Fish Ninja Labs builds innovative products using technology to enhance the aquarium experience. We believe the market is ready for a new outlook on home aquariums. Our first product will be a total aquarium management system that provides you with the ability to greatly reduce tank maintenance, worry and guess work. The product is a small device that sits on the back of the tank and does all the heavy lifting, while providing features to enhance your aquarium experience. Some of the primary features include monitoring and maintaining tank temperature and verifying water circulation, monitoring water levels, handling light cycling, handling feedings, providing a Web cam for feed-time viewings with OnDemand feeding, sending push notifications when anything goes wrong and an optional nitrate probe for monitoring water changes.


Team members

  • Nate Norman, sales and business marketing
  • Mike Roussin, master of engineering management
  • Charles Washburn, engineering design technology

Kitty Ninja

What if we could keep our cats entertained and out of trouble whenever we’re away or simply don’t have time to play? Kitty Ninja is a unique toy that amuses and captivates even the most fickle cats, letting them play on their own schedules. It includes a soft, freely spinning roller with dangling ribbons that cats endlessly chase and attack—modeled after that forbidden roll of toilet paper cats love to unravel. Kitty Ninja enables cats to be active, healthy and happy. It’s more than a toy; Kitty Ninja is an investment in your cat’s well-being.

Team member:

  • Erik Chmelar, master of business administration


RGroup is a phone app to regroup with your friends when you’re out and about. It is perfect for music festivals, theme parks, the mall or any large event where you need to stay in contact with your group. Never go looking through the crowds again. The fastest way back to friends is in your pocket with RGroup.

Team members:

  • John Fry, master of business administration
  • Ryan McNally, master of business administration
  • Pawel Majkowski, master of business administration
  • Ashley Agler, master in earth science


As a personal price tracker, Xcheapskate takes the stress out of bargain hunting, saving individuals time and money. The company is accomplishing this feat by developing a Web and a mobile app that uses geo-location to find the best prices on individual menu items from multiple restaurants within the user’s proximity.

Team members:

  • Daniel May, finance and commercial law and management
  • David Selden-Treiman, general business