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Summer 2013 cohort

Fish Ninja

Fish Ninja Labs builds innovative products using technology to enhance the aquarium experience. We believe the market is ready for a new outlook on home aquariums. Our first product will be a total aquarium management system that provides you with the ability to greatly reduce tank maintenance, worry and guess work. The product is a small device that sits on the back of the tank and does all the heavy lifting, while providing features to enhance your aquarium experience. Some of the primary features include monitoring and maintaining tank temperature and verifying water circulation, monitoring water levels, handling light cycling, handling feedings, providing a Web cam for feed-time viewings with OnDemand feeding, sending push notifications when anything goes wrong and an optional nitrate probe for monitoring water changes.


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Kitty Ninja

What if we could keep our cats entertained and out of trouble whenever we’re away or simply don’t have time to play? Kitty Ninja is a unique toy that amuses and captivates even the most fickle cats, letting them play on their own schedules. It includes a soft, freely spinning roller with dangling ribbons that cats endlessly chase and attack—modeled after that forbidden roll of toilet paper cats love to unravel. Kitty Ninja enables cats to be active, healthy and happy. It’s more than a toy; Kitty Ninja is an investment in your cat’s well-being.

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RGroup is a phone app to regroup with your friends when you’re out and about. It is perfect for music festivals, theme parks, the mall or any large event where you need to stay in contact with your group. Never go looking through the crowds again. The fastest way back to friends is in your pocket with RGroup.

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As a personal price tracker, Xcheapskate takes the stress out of bargain hunting, saving individuals time and money. The company is accomplishing this feat by developing a Web and a mobile app that uses geo-location to find the best prices on individual menu items from multiple restaurants within the user’s proximity.

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Fall 2014 cohort

AM Andrew Z, LLC

The AM Andrew Z LLC company has developed an antimicrobial film containing graphics to advertise products and brands on high traffic equipment in the establishments in which they are sold. In a cooperative effort with both sponsoring partners and the store/establishment, we address the increasing problem of unsanitary public areas while providing a valuable advertising avenue. The product provides a benefit to businesses by providing a unique point-of-purchase advertising opportunity and to consumers by providing product protection. As a result, the company creates financial, community relations and sponsorship incentives for our partners by raising awareness of sanitation problems and mitigating those sanitation problems with the support of our sponsoring partners.

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SpeechMasterPro is a company that focuses on helping adults and children with speech disorders. The company’s first device is designed to improve enunciation skills, slow down speaking pace, and strengthen facial muscles and can be used while practicing speaking and for preparing for a public speech.


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EZ Bagger

EZ Bagger is designed to reuse plastic shopping bags, converting them into a functional waste container. Customers simply secure a shopping bag onto the unit by looping the handles over the top hangers of the unit. Once the shopping bag is full, they can simply remove it from the unit, tie it and throw it away. EZ Bagger is great for use under sinks, around the yard, in dormitory and recreation rooms, for diaper disposal, for recycling, pet pick up and more.

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