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Gateway to Institutional Effectiveness Measures

WMU's scorecard serves as the reporting system that communicates the gap between actual and targeted performance against the University Strategic Plan goals.

Institutional effectiveness measures help gauge how well the University is performing in relation to the overarching institutional goals of the University Strategic Plan. As such, the measures are a tool for institutional self-assessment, communication, strategic change, evidence-based decision making, and continuous quality improvement. Critical assessment of University performance helps inform the continued execution of the University Strategic Plan.

Accountability to the University Strategic Plan will be based on the composite reporting of three levels of measures, indicators, and metrics. The most composite level of progress is reflected by Institutional effectiveness measures, university-wide data that is commonly reported to external stakeholder. 

Key performance indicators identify a more distinct reflection of progress on University Strategic Plan goals. University data is used to communicate the impact of multiple strategies leading to the success of one or more goals.

A third level of measured progress will come from the Tactical Action Community metrics and specific outcomes of their activities.

All of the accountability measures will be refined as data are collected, analyzed, and targets established.

Institutional Effectiveness Measures – Strategic Plan Indicators Key Performance Indicators – Goal-Level Strategic Plan Tactical Action Communities – Progress Metrics

The selection of Carnegie peers is based on the 2010 Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education. The 2010 classification system has multiple parallel classifications to provide greater flexibility in selecting peers. For WMU peers, a series of refining selections is done using both the basic framework and the "elective" classifications in the new Carnegie system. The following criteria were selected to yield ten Carnegie peer institutions:

Based on the previously described selection system, the following 10 institutions most resemble WMU.

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