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Bernhard Center Advisory Board

The Bernhard Center Advisory Board was founded in January, 2012 to assure that the Bernhard Center will achieve its mission to be a unifying force among students, faculty and staff for social, cultural, intellectual activities, and services and to provide opportunities to broaden interpersonal relationships and self-enhancement at Western Michigan University. The members of the BCAB advise the director, as well as the vice president of student affairs on all the important aspects of the Bernhard Center and its operations. BCAB is chaired by a student and a majority of BCAB member are students.

Download the BCAB charter.

Get involved!

Become a member of BCAB. Chair, Vice-Chair, and At-Large applications are being accepted until Thursday, April 16, 2015. To apply, complete the new member application and return to Bernhard Center room 150. Please contact Paul Terzino if you have any questions.

Meeting agendas

BCAB agenda 09-10-14
BCAB agenda 9-27-13
BCAB agenda 10-18-13

Meeting minutes

BCAB minutes 04-14-14
BCAB minutes 3-14-14
BCAB minutes 10-18-13
BCAB minutes 9-27-13