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Balloons photoHelium Tank Policies

  1. Helium tanks must be strapped securely to a cylinder cart with safety cap securely fastened for transportation into and out of the Bernhard Center. The tanks (with safety cap intact) must be removed from the cylinder cart and secured to one of the cylinder supports located in the Bernhard Center. It is the responsibility of all organizations to notify the Bernhard Center main office that helium tanks will be brought into the building.

  2. The appropriate wrench recommended by the gas manufacturer must be used for proper installation of the inflation valve.

  3. After balloons are inflated, the helium tasks must be removed from the Bernhard Center. Tanks may not be stored in the Bernhard Center during or after programs.


Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For questions and information concerning Bernhard Center policies, please contact the Resource and Graphic Design Center.