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Posting board photoPosting Policies

  1. RSOs and university departments posters/fliers must meet University Posting Regulations (see Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) organizational handbook for details) and must adhere to the  #3 guideline under Bernhard Center Display Case Guidelines.

  2. In the Bernhard Center, RSOs and university departments may post fliers on the regulation university posting board (no walls, windows, or doors), additionally 17 Bernhard Center display cases are available for marketing purposes. Fliers must be pre-approved and stamped at the SALP office or the Resource and Graphic Design Center for Bernhard Center and additional campus posting.

  3. The BSET Want Ad Sales/Service Board, located in Bronco Mall across from the Bernhard Center Computer Lab, is a free means to sell, rent or list services available. Classified cards are available at Bernhard Center Computer Lab and the RGDC/SET office. This is the only non-university commercial sales and marketing board in the Bernhard Center.


Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For questions and information concerning Bernhard Center policies, please contact the Resource and Graphic Design Center.