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RSO Meeting, Conference and Facilities Policies

There are 22 meeting rooms available for conferences, banquets, and meetings for all Registered Student Organizations, University departments, professional organizations and the community. The West Suite can be divided into three individual rooms. East Ballroom can be divided into two large rooms. RSOs must also adhere to the RSO Food/Catering Policies.

  1. RSOs may use meeting rooms at the Bernhard Center to conduct regular weekly business meetings at no charge.

  2. A $100 deposit is required when reservations involve ballroom use, sales (items for sale may not duplicate or compete with items sold by merchants in the Bernhard Center), concerts, fundraising events and catered events. The balance of the rental fees will be due no later than one week after the event has taken place. The reservation deposit will be subject to forfeiture if a reservation is not cancelled 90 calendar days prior to the event.

  3. The set-up of meetings rooms for RSOs at no charge will  be used “as is” - no special set-ups.

  4. A Bernhard Center Usage Agreement form for all RSOs must be completed prior to confirmation of any facility use that requires rental or fees charged.

  5. Rental of rooms covers the period of time stated on the Bernhard Center Usage Agreement Form available at the Bernhard Center office.

  6. All charges are the responsibility of the RSO: in the event a payment is not made, the individual who made the reservation will be held financially responsible. 

  7. A temporary hold may be requested for a given space with the following restrictions:

    · Temporary hold will not be converted to a firm reservation until a Bernhard Center Usage Agreement (at Bernhard Center office) is signed with appropriate deposit made.

    · Temporary hold must be converted to a firm reservation within 30 calendar days or the hold will be cancelled

  8. RSO must notify Bernhard Center main office for reservations, cancellations or changes for room use.

  9. Due to high demand by RSOs, meeting rooms may be occupied for no more than three hours. The set-up for the second meeting reservation will remain the same as the previous group.

  10. New WMU student organizations that have registered with the Student Activities and Leadership Programs office will have the privilege to use Bernhard Center meeting rooms and facilities during their one month probationary period.

  11. All RSOs using a fund and cost center require pre-authorization of funding source to use Bernhard Center facilities where a charge is applicable.

  12. Use of rooms and facilities in the Bernhard Center is reserved for the groups registering for these rooms and guests only.

  13. Organizations will be held responsible for the condition of rooms used. This includes the clean up of food brought into meeting rooms. Any damage will result in a direct charge to the organization or individual making the reservation.

  14. No tape, tacks, nails, pins, staples, etc. may be used on any papered, paneled or painted surfaces or on any walls, mirrors, windows, curtains, or doors. Freshly cut flowers, properly maintained live trees, plants and shrubs may be used for decorative purposes. Decorations cannot be placed in an area that blocks an exit due to Fire Safety Regulations.

  15. The Bernhard Center cannot store any decorative items or equipment.

  16. Groups sponsoring political candidates for appearances at the Bernhard Center must be pre-registered with the SALP office prior to the use of the Bernhard Center facility.

  17. See Dance and Ball Guidelines (available at Bernhard Center Main Office) for any dances.


Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For questions and information concerning Bernhard Center policies, please contact the Resource and Graphic Design Center.