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Sales, Solicitation Policies

  1. Sales and solicitation in the Bernhard Center must take place only at regulation Bernhard Center Sales and Solicitation tables which must be pre-registered at the Bernhard Center Resource and Graphic Design Center (RGDC).

  2. Table use CANNOT exceed two days in a week or a total of four days in a semester for the same activity

  3. There is a $5 charge per activity for RSOs and university departments using the tables for fundraising and sales purposes. Charge must be paid at check-in the first day of table use.

  4. Commercial vendors must be sponsored by an RSO or university department, which must be pre-approved by RGDC.

  5. There is a $25 charge per day for commercial vendors. This charge must be paid at check-in each day, and the table must be staffed by at least one individual from the sponsoring RSO or university department.

  6. No charge for career opportunity recruiters that are pre-approved by Career and Student Employment Services.

  7. Articles for sale or give away must be pre-approved by RGDC and cannot compete with any items sold within the Bernhard Center.

  8. Only tickets for events open to the public and sponsored by a WMU RSO or department can be sold.

  9. NO FOOD, CANDY OR BEVERAGE MAY BE SOLD. Individual bite size pre-wrapped gum/candy or small snacks commercially prepared may be given away as enticements

  10. Check-in required at the RGDC each day of use. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday, no exceptions.

  11. To avoid excessive subject duplication at tables RGDC will regulate frequency of use.

  12. Displays and articles for sale must fit on the six foot table and extra supplies must be kept under the table. The table must be staffed at all times by a maximum of three RSO/university department members.

  13. Sales area must be clean following use, table returned to designated area and items used at table may not be stored overnight.

  14. For cancellation of a table reservation notify the RGDC at 387-4889 a full business day prior to use or next table reservations will be cancelled.

Bernhard Center policies are outlined in the RSO Handbook.

For questions and information concerning Bernhard Center policies, please contact the Resource and Graphic Design Center.