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WMU Housing/Dining 2015
Housing and Dining Plan

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Dining Services


WMU Housing/Dining 2015

Building SMART Communities

Dining Services Planning

WOW! Public input session 11-14-2012 Public input session 11-14-2012 Existing valley community area Goldsworth Valley Pond Existing Valley community area Proposed Valley dining site WMU Dining - Bistro3 WMU student preferences

Planning sessions held at the Bernhard Center

On Wednesday November 14th a project planning team held several drop-in sessions at the Bernhard Center to seek input from the WMU community about campus Dining Services. The interactive sessions helped to gather input from students regarding food service concepts for a new dining facility. The input will be used to gauge preferences during the early stages of planning, and will help guide future decision-making.

The Residence Life and Dining Services planning efforts are part of a long-term campus housing and dining strategy to create environments that cultivate learning and development.