English Language Requirements

TESTRestricted enrollmentUnrestricted
TOEFL Paper 500 550
TOEFL iBT 61 80
IELTS 6.0 6.5

1. TOEFL score 550 (80 iBT) or higher

These students are given unrestricted enrollment privileges in all courses offered at Western Michigan University as consistent with their degree program and contingent on the required prerequisites. The tuition waiver is applied for all of their coursework for 12 to 15 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and six to nine credit hours for graduate students.

2. TOEFL score between 500 and 549 (61 to 79 iBT)

Students with scores in this range will be admitted with restricted enrollment and automatically enrolled in either A-S 3600: Academic English or A-S 3610: Proficiency in English for five credits. This system is commonly referred to as a “bridge” program by some U.S. universities. These courses serve as a “bridge” between intensive English language study and regular University courses. In addition to A-S 3600 or A-S 3610, students are allowed to enroll in regular University courses. Successful completion of A-S 3600 or 3610 gives the student unrestricted enrollment privileges for the following term.

WMU will apply the tuition waiver for 12 to 15 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students and six to nine credit hours for graduate students in this category. This total includes the bridge courses A-S 3600 or 3610. Therefore, undergraduate students coming to WMU through our exchange agreement with a TOEFL score of 500 to 549 would be allowed to take a maximum of 10 additional credit hours in regular courses for their first term; graduate students may take four additional credit hours.

3. TOEFL score lower than 500 (61 iBT)

Students with TOEFL scores lower than 500 (or equivalent) will be enrolled in WMU’s Center for English Language and Culture for International Students, and will not be able to take any other regular university courses for credit that semester. Exchange students will be required to pay the full price as stated on the CELCIS website.  Students participating in the Study Abroad at WMU program should refer to the Study Abroad at WMU flier for the appropriate year.