The ISM experience

The WMU ISM program is more than a curriculum—it is a complete educational experience. Students have a variety of opportunities to develop their professional skills, from participation in professional organizations to special topic courses and workshops. 



Continuous improvementSince its inception in 1992 as the first supply management program to integrate business and engineering courses, the ISM program has consulted its industry partners to continuously improve the curriculum. Today, the program integrates information technology along with an engineering core to provide students with a unique, in-depth education. Flexible elective options as well as special topic courses and industry workshops provide students with an integrated development environment to prepare them academically, personally and professionally to achieve their career goals. 

The ISM program’s curriculum is unique, providing more supply management courses in the major than other well-known programs:

  • Integrated Supply Management, WMU (43 credits)
  • Supply Chain Management, Arizona State University (21 credits)
  • Supply Chain Management, Michigan State University (18 credits)
  • Supply Chain Management, Penn State University (24 credits)
  • Supply Chain Management, University of Texas, Austin (21 credits)

This gives ISM graduates a significant advantage in the job market and the workplace and has led to the WMU ISM program being ranked #5 in the nation by the Gartner research firm.

The extensive curriculum means that ISM students must plan their course of study carefully. 

Application and advising

The ISM academic advisor helps students plan their courses and start the competitive application process early. Students who are planning on transferring classes from another institution should also meet with the ISM academic advisor. 

After reviewing the application process and the suggested course sequence, students should schedule an appointment with the ISM academic advisor. 

Experiential learning puts ISM students to the test

Applying process management concepts in a real-world setting requires students with knowledge and preparation. In the course, Improving Supply Systems (MGMT 3810), students work in teams with local companies applying supply chain concepts to real industry problems. 

Read more about example projects from this course.

Leadership experience with the WMU ROTC Battalion

Leadership is a critical skill that is in demand. The WMU ROTC Battalion has provided the opportunity for ISM students to participate in their leadership reaction course training experience.  

Whirlpool negotiating training

Negotiation is a key skill in procurement that requires both knowledge as well as ability. The only way to truly get better is practice.  Professionals from the Whirlpool Corporation regularly come to deliver a special topics course in negotiation that provides students with training and role-playing opportunities that include feedback from skilled professional negotiators.