Elective Courses

Students have the option to choose six credits from a selection of elective courses or pursue a minor or second major. ISM students should consult with the ISM academic advisor to pick the option that best suits their career goals.

Note: The WMU online catalog is the governing guide for course offerings and descriptions. If you have any questions about courses or your curriculum, please contact the ISM academic advisor.

ACTY 3100 Financial Accounting I: This course examines the underlying concepts of financial accounting. It reviews the accounting cycle, related accounting records, and the financial statements. Accounting principles and reporting requirements for current assets, plant and equipment, intangibles, and other assets are also studied.

ACTY 3220 Managerial Accounting – Concepts and Practices: A study of the accounting methodology and concepts that have been developed to serve managers in decision-making for planning and control. This course covers budgeting, standard cost variance analysis, incremental analysis, cost and profit analysis, relevant costing, and product costing concepts and practices.

BCM 4540 Intercultural Business Communication: Intercultural Business Communication is designed to develop the effectiveness of students' communication skills with culturally diverse audiences, both at home and abroad.

BUS 5940 International Business Seminar: A foreign study seminar designed for qualified and capable undergraduate students, teachers and business executives. The seminar introduces participants to a firsthand knowledge of business operations abroad through on-site inspection of foreign manufacturing, marketing, financial, and governmental organizations, supplemented by coordinated faculty lectures and assigned readings.  Undergraduate or graduate credit of up to six hours, in one of more the following departments upon consent of the department chair: Accountancy, Business Information Systems, Finance and Commercial Law, Management, or Marketing.

CIS 2640 Business Reporting and Analysis: This course is designed to give students comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge to plan, design and deliver business reports that will help management analyze and interpret complex business information. Business report solutions that range from personal productivity software to full-scale reporting systems will be studied.

CIS 3640 Business Analytics: Designed to give students with business reporting experience comprehensive skills and in-depth knowledge in analytical problem solving through business cases. Tools and techniques within the realm of business intelligence will be explored, utilizing both productivity and specialized software. CIS 2640 is a prerequisite.

FIN 3100 Introduction to Financial Markets: A survey of financial markets and intermediaries with emphasis on their structure, social justification, and current status. This course provides additional background for advanced study in finance and a practical foundation for those students interested in an exposure to the financial system.

FIN 4420 Global Financial Markets: A study of contemporary problems in international finance. The course examines the international money markets, working capital considerations and capital budgeting problems as faced by the multinational corporation.

IME 3050 Work Analysis: Methods engineering and measurement of human work systems. Techniques for operation analysis, work measurement, and work sampling. Predetermined basic motion-time systems and standard data development are introduced.

Foreign LanguageForeign language courses at the 1000 or 2000 level can be used to satisfy the elective requirements