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Birds-eye view of Australia

Swinburne University campus is located in the town of Hawthorne, which is just four subway stops from downtown Melbourne. Melbourne is known for its public transportation system. The extensive subway and streetcar system make it very easy to get around. Besides the excitement of city life, the greater Melbourne area has beaches, wine regions and the great ocean road. Swinburne has an extensive international program, which means students will have the opportunity to meet students from all over the world.  


Fall and spring: Fall semester starts early August and runs to the end of November. Spring semester starts the middle of February and runs to the end of June. 


Photo of Swinburne housing

Most students choose to live at the UniLodge, an apartment complex right on the Swinburne campus (picture right). Within a block, are the subway stop, grocery store and local businesses.

Swinburne University

Swinburne is a top university in Australia and operates somewhat on the British model of higher education. Students are advised to stay current with their coursework as the major component of their grade is the final exam.

Available courses

Although there is no guarantee that they will be offered during a particular semester or that class times will not conflict, Swinburne offers classes that can transfer directly into the following WMU-equivalent courses:

ACTY 2110, BUS 2700, BUS 3750, BUS 4750, ECON 2010, ECON 2020, ECON 3190, ECON 3200, ECON 4000, FIN 3100, FIN 4420, IME 3280, LAW 4840, MGMT 2500, MGMT 3140, MGMT 3520, MGMT 4020, MGMT 4100, MGMT 4510, MKTG 2500, MKTG 3600, MKTG 3730, MKTG 4630, MKTG 4750, MKTG 4770.