Birds-eye view of the country of SpainA seaside city and capital of the Cantabria region in northern Spain, Santander is squeezed between the coastline and the mountains. It is a culturally and historically interesting port city, which has existed since the times of the Roman Empire. An outdoor-oriented city, it boasts diverse water sports and numerous mountain activities only a short drive away. Traveling throughout the city by foot is most common; for longer distances, a city bus pass can be inexpensively purchased. Every city throughout Spain has its own unique culture, people, cuisine and geography. Many are as close as a twenty-minute drive, making for great daytrips or weekend getaways. The ALSA bus system provides economical transportation to anywhere in Spain and is extremely easy and safe to use. 


Spring: In Spain, the spring semester starts mid-February and ends in June depending on exam schedules.


Host-Family Living: The UC can assign a student to a host family upon request for any designated portion of the stay. Students pay the family weekly for room, board and three Spanish meals per day. Families working with the UC are experienced in student visitors and offer a more personal and unique Spanish experience.

“Piso” Living: For those that prefer to live with roommates, or alone, it is fairly easy to find apartments (pisos) close to campus because many other international students are coming in and leaving throughout all times of the year. This type of living is found individually, either on arrival or before departure. It is recommended to live with a host family for a short while upon arrival in order to allow time for acclimation and logistics. For contact and housing information, fliers are posted on campus and online.

Recommended Courses 

Open economy macroeconomics; international business: a european perspective; Spanish history and culture; and Spanish language.  For those with a higher confidence in Spanish language, it is recommended to take at least one general business course in Spanish. Universidad de Cantabria offers excellent six-week and semester language courses taught by dedicated and experienced language professors. These courses come highly recommended for any level Spanish speaker, whether beginner or advanced.