Community Garden

The Office for Sustainability no longer manages the WMU Community Garden. 

 The WMU Community Garden at Stadium Drive is a 15,000 square foot garden operated by students at Western Michigan University. Garden plots are available to students and the public. We encourage students, staff, faculty, and Kalamazoo community members to actively participate in growing local and sustainable food. The garden is a place to learn, interact, and have fun with others interested in gardening.

We encourage community garden participants and others willing to volunteer to participate in The WeGrow to Give Community Project.  This project aims to bring students and community members together to grow produce using sustainable gardening techniques in order to donate produce to families in need in the Kalamazoo area.

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In 2010, the Student Garden Organization (SGO), a registered student organization, developed and managed a student garden at Western Michigan University's Stadium Drive Apartments. At the beginning of the growing season the SGO brought a team of oxen from Tillers International, a local non-profit, to plow the field. During 2010, the SGO developed a 30'x120' fenced area full of community garden plots. The garden has hosted a wide range of students and community members since 2010. In 2011, the Stadium Drive Apartment Manager co-managed the garden and involved a range of international apartment residents. In 2012 the garden transitioned from a student project into a project of the Office for Sustainability. In both 2012 and 2013 the garden increased in size to accommodate the growing interest in gardening on campus! After two years of management, the Office for Sustainability has passed the stewardship responsibilities to the students of SSE and BioClub. 

Effective spring 2016, The community garden has sprouted new management and participation from a group of motivated students interested in sustainability and helping the local community.  This spring, the group will launch their new initiative, The WeGrow to Give Community Project, where community gardeners, students, and other volunteers will designate a section of the garden to growing produce for members of Peace House on the Eastside of Kalamazoo. This project will bring students and community members together for a common mission to provide a learning environment for sustainable gardening while fostering personal growth for students.