Eco-thon Electricity Reduction


Electricity reduction counts towards 35 percent of your residence hall's overall score. It is calculated by comparing your current electricity consumption in kilowatt-hours (kWh) to baseline data from November (when the weather and sunrise/sunset times were similar to now). Your electricity consumption during Eco-thon will be compared against the baseline and shown as a percentage reduction or increase on our Eco-thon scoreboard. Your residence hall's goal is to have the highest percentage reduction in the competition!


To keep the Eco-thon Competition fair, data is normalized to account for electricity consumption from dining halls, offices, and other nonresidential spaces. We do this by measuring the average number of kWh per square foot used in nonresidential spaces, then we multiply these averages by the number of square feet of nonresidential spaces in each building. The remainder is subtracted from each hall's total electricity consumption.