Service Learning

  • Photo of students in Chicago

    Annual trips to Chicago for an Urban Plunge experience.

  • Students in in New Orleans.

    Students traveled to New Orleans for alternative spring break.

  • Photo of students in Chicago
  • Students with Palmer at Loaves and Fishes in Kalamazoo

    MBA students learned how firms encourage volunteerism to promote employee engagement, reduce turnover and build bridges with communities, then volunteered their own time.

  • Leave the familiarity of your residence hall or apartment to experience volunteering in the inner-city.
  • Have a hands-on experience with a variety of social service agencies.
  • Learn from organizations about how they give back to the community.

Learn more

Service-learning projects through Western Michigan University's Center for Sustainable Business Practices are not only insightful but incredibly fun. The experiences are intended to help students:

  • Develop a perspective on social responsibility.
  • Increase awareness of the outcomes of organizational decisions on stakeholders in addition to stockholders.
  • Become socially responsible business leaders and citizens, who recognize the importance of the corporate sector taking a socially responsible perspective.

Urban Plunge

Urban Plunge is an exciting way to spend a weekend in Chicago, give back to the community and further advance your knowledge of business, particularly social responsibility. Throughout the weekend, we explore critical urban issues such as homelessness and poverty through the lens of business. Most importantly, we discuss the role of business in creating and providing solutions to these challenges.

What to expect

Each semester, we leave campus early morning on Friday and return late Saturday evening. Our accommodations are humble but we provide breakfast and snacks. Dinners may be included depending on your service activity. Over the weekend, we will talk with executives about their positions on corporate social responsibility. You will also work with two distinct agencies including homeless shelters and day centers. You will also engage in a variety of exercises and discussions that are designed to bring our learning community closer together. It’s an exciting, challenging, but most of all, rewarding experience. Total cost is about $60 plus spending money. Read more about this semester's trip.