Graduate Guidelines

Time Constraints: Students have six years from the date of the first course to complete a Master’s degree program. It is possible to file for an extension, provided there is clear justification for the delay. At least one course must be completed each year. If a calendar year elapses during which a class is not completed, the student will be dropped from the program and will be required to seek readmission.

Transfer Credit: A minimum of 24 credit hours must be taken at WMU. A maximum of 16 credit hours can be transferred from another school, contingent on their acceptance by the Graduate College and the approval of the student's advisor.

Transfer From Another Master's Program:  Graduate students interested
in transferring to the Socio-Cultural Studies of Education master's
program from another graduate program must complete the online
application form and submit an essay stating professional goals and
reason(s) for the transfer request.

Undergraduate Credit: In certain instances, up to six semester hours of 300 or 400 level courses may be included in a graduate program of study. Written permission from the advisor and from the Graduate College prior to registering for such a class is required.

Course Availability: Program courses are offered through the main campus and four regional centers: Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Muskegon and Southwest. However, it may be necessary to come to the main campus to complete courses for the program.

Graduate Non-Degree Classes: No more than nine credit hours under "Graduate Non-Degree " status may be included in a graduate program. Graduate Non-degree status does not constitute admission to a degree program and the courses taken under this status might not apply to a particular degree program.


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