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Capstone Seminar | The Practice of Teaching

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Graduate students may choose to complete ED 6790 on an individual basis (students who have completed a variety of research projects focused on a number of areas, such as classroom action research, school improvement and curriculum design) or in seminar format.

Two options:

Option 1: Prepare for and pass a Comprehensive Exam
Option 2: Complete a Comprehensive Capstone Portfolio.

Each section of the seminar will include up to 20 graduate students and meet 4-5 times during the semester/term.

studentsGraduate students are required to attend the first and last sessions of the seminar. The remaining sessions are optional, depending on the individual needs of the seminar members; however, participants are encouraged to attend the additional sessions to work with a study group. During the first week of the semester or term the first capstone seminar is held. This seminar is focused on organizing the students, addressing initial questions, identifying deadlines for students to complete first drafts of their answers to exam questions and setting dates for the remaining seminar sessions. The seminar sessions that follow are designed to address the individual needs of the seminar participants. Electronic communications will be used between seminar meetings to facilitate ongoing dialogue between the professor and the students related to the document preparation. Depending on the option chosen, the seminar will culminate with the presentation of portfolios to fellow students and portfolio reviewers and/or administration of the comprehensive exam. Students are invited to set individual appointments as well as to submit paper drafts in advance for the professor to review. E-mail, U.S. mail, facsimiles and phone are used to facilitate the timely submission of paper drafts for review and to address graduate student concerns.

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Lynn Nations Johnson


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