Adult reading to childServing abused and neglected children and children with prenatal alcohol or drug abuse

The southwest Michigan Children's Trauma Assessment Center at Western Michigan University recognizes that exposure to potentially traumatic events can affect child functioning within the cognitive, affective, behavioral and physiological domains.

Many symptoms can subsequently be manifested, including hyper-vigilance, withdrawal, sleeping difficulties, depression, and significant mood swings. Often, such symptoms may not be immediately revealed. Early detection of child trauma can minimize psychological and physiological risk to children.

The goal of the center is to assess the impact to children following exposure to traumatic events or suspected fetal alcohol exposure. The target population is children, ages 3 months to 17 years, entering foster care due to experiences of child abuse or neglect. Children with other traumatic experiences are also considered for assessment.

Evidence-based mental health treatments are also available on a limited basis. We offer professional trainings in trauma-informed assessment and treatment modalities.

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Children's Trauma Assessment Center team, left to right: Amy Mack, Dr. Yvette Hyter, Frank Vidimos, Marianne Giles, Dr. Mark Sloane, Denise Wheatley, Dr. Jim Henry, Connie Black-Pond, Dr. Ben Atchison, Love Kiracofe, Dr. Margaret Richardson