Payment Options



Parent child attachment observations

Parent child attachment observations are offered at the rates listed below. 

  • Marschak Interaction Method (parent child attachment observation)—$300
  • Offsite MIM (within 50 miles of the Children's Trauma Assessment Center)—$300-$500 (depending on distance and number of children)

Comprehensive assessments

Our comprehensive assessment includes a brief medical exam, a neurodevelopmental assessment and a psycho/social interview.

The full cost of this assessment is $800. The neurodevelopmental assessment is $700. If payment is to be provided by another agency or third party, an authorization or other documentation is needed prior to scheduling. The FAS Assessment is $100. The FAS Assessment can be billed to straight Medicaid only. If your child has any other type of Medicaid or other insurance, a prior authorization may be required and services may not be covered. Any and all charges for the services rendered are your responsibility.

We currently do not bill private insurance companies. If you have private insurance that covers the assessment, we will provide you with the necessary information to submit to your insurance company. Payment will be requested from you for the cost of services.

If the Department of Human Services has referred you, the $700 payment for the developmental assessment and $100 FAS Assessment fee may have been authorized. Please check with your child’s caseworker.

If your child has an adoption subsidy, you should contact your worker in Lansing to see if payment of the assessment is covered. Other insurance must be billed prior to adoption subsidy. Adoption subsidy may only pay a portion of the assessment. Any remaining balance is your responsibility.

If you are requesting this assessment on your own, or have been referred by someone not covering these services, there are several options for payment. The following payment plans are available to you:

  1. Half of the payment, $400, paid at the time of the assessment. The remaining $400 to be paid at the time the written report is provided.
  2. Payment in full, due the day of the assessment.

*Please let us know which plan you would like to work with. For your convenience, we also accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

A review of the assessment report is included in your fee. If a medical consultation with Dr. Mark Sloane, the center's pediatrician, is recommended or desired, straight Medicaid covers the charge for this service, but your child’s physician must complete the medical pre-authorization form. If your child does not have straight Medicaid, the fee schedule for this service begins at $55 for the first 30-minutes and increases by each additional 15-minute increment.

If you have further questions regarding billing, please contact the main office at (269) 387-7073. We look forward to being of assistance to your family.