Ground Travel—Steps to online:

AUTHORIZATION >> Travel >> Reimbursement

See training sessions for the online system.

  1. Estimate your travel plans and cost for things such as:
  2. Obtain Online Ground Travel Authorization
    University travelers, as far in advance as possible:
    • Login to the Travel Authorization system using your BroncoNet ID and password,
      • Have your travel estimation available for entry into the online system.
      • Complete and submit an online travel authorization.
      • Wait for notification that your authorization has been approved.

        Please note: if you have checked "Return to requestor instead of Enterprise", on your travel authorization, your travel authorization will not be sent to Enterprise but will come back to you. Enterprise can not process any reservations until they receive your authorization. You will first need to mark "Approve/Route" within your request before moving on to the next step.
  3. Place Reservation
    Once your travel authorization form has been approved make the appropriate travel reservations such as:

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