What is TRiO?

TRiO Future Educator Success ProgramThe TRiO Future Educator Success Program is a United States Department of Education federally funded grant program that promotes the success, retention and graduation of future teachers from Western Michigan University. TRiO FESP works with teaching majors who are first-generation, income-eligible students or students with disabilities to help them work toward graduation by offering the following services:

  • Career exploration
  • Financial assistance
  • Graduate school exploration
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Opportunity to attend conferences
  • Speedy access to advisors
  • Tutors and mentors
  • Volunteer opportunities

The TRiO Future Educator Success Program is a selective program designed to serve teaching majors. TRiO FESP staff are here to work with eligible students throughout their time at Western Michigan University to help them meet their personal, professional, and educational goals while having fun, meeting new people, and learning skills to help them be successful in college and their future teaching careers.

Program benefits

Students enrolled in TRiO FESP may be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Caring, knowledgeable staff: TRiO's well-trained, knowledgeable and compassionate staff are always available to help you solve problems.
  • Job opportunities: Members will be given first priority for jobs within the program as tutors, mentors, and office staff.
  • Priority registration: Active TRiO participants who have completed all program requirements can register for classes on the first day of undergraduate registration, even before the junior and senior students!
  • Scholarship opportunities: $11,000 in scholarships is available for freshman and sophomore Pell Grant recipients. The College of Education and Human Development also sets aside $25,000 in scholarships available only to program participants.
  • Speedy access to advisors: Academic advising tailored to your specific career goals. You can see your College of Education and Human Development advisor with little or no wait time and can schedule appointments almost any day.
  • Tutors and mentors: Peer tutors and mentors will be available to help with classes, general study skills, and to provide assistance with MTTC Professional Readiness Exam and Subject Area Test preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the most frequently asked questions about the TRiO Future Educator Success Program at Western Michigan University.

How can I apply to the Future Educator Success Program?

Go to the FESP office to get an application or contact us. Return the application to 2302 Sangren Hall.

How do I know if I have a teachable major?

Talk to your advisor.

Can I transfer in?

Yes. Transfer students and those who change to a teaching major may be eligible.

What if I switch majors?

If you change your major to a teaching major, you can apply to join FESP. If you are considering changing your major from a teaching major, please talk to your FESP advisor.

I am already part of the College of Education and Human Development. Am I automatically part of FESP?

No. In order to be a part of FESP you must have a teachable major and have a completed accepted application.

How do I know if I have been accepted into FESP?

You will receive an email.

Does FESP cost me anything?

No, FESP is a free program. There is no cost at anytime to be a part of this program.