W.E. Upjohn

W.E. Upjohn

W.E. Upjohn

What we do

The W. E. Upjohn Center for the Study of Geographical Change:

  • Provides support for acquisition of skills in GIScience (GIS and remote sensing) and GIScience applications in research and administrative decision-making.
  • Converst large-format materials such as maps and charts.
  • Conducts research in the development of high definition maps.

Why we do what wedo

Geographic Information Science has transcended the boundaries of geographic sciences into a wide range of fields many of which are represented at Western Michigan University. We provide opportunities to WMU faculty and students to acquire some of these skills.

The earth's surface has been naturally evolving since the dawn of time. Human beings surely bring about change as well as spread the news of it. Which begs the question: what existed before? Our aim is to preserve historical printed representations of the earth, forming a digital basis for analysis of changes over time, enabling the study of what's been altered and to what extent, ultimately contributing to a multi-disciplinary understanding of geographical change. We help bridge the gap from what was to what is.

We can help you

We can help you in research that requires the use of GIS in analyzing your research data. We can also provide training in GIS that is tailored to particular programs or to individual or group need.

We can also digitally capture and geo-reference your historical maps, charts and airphotos. We can digitize your oversize books, drawings and atlases. And we do so at the highest optical resolution and the lowest geometrical distortion anywhere.  Hyper-accurate imaging of rare, valuable documents is our specialty. Nobody else does what we do worldwide.  Non-destructively too—no sheet-fed scanning. Let us non-invasively apply our technology to your materials.

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