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Behavioral Health Services

Behavioral Health Services, formerly University Substance Abuse Clinic (USAC), at Western Michigan University is a licensed and accredited outpatient substance use and behavioral health disorder treatment provider in Michigan. Substance use disorder and other behavioral health treatment services are provided by therapists licensed and credentialed in the state of Michigan who have extensive training in the delivery of assessment, individual, group and family treatment services. Behavioral Health Services also serves as a training site for graduate level health and human services students who provide treatment services under the supervision of the Behavioral Health Services clinical director and in affiliation with Western Michigan University's Specialty Program in Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

Who can benefit

Anyone who is currently experiencing problems with the use of alcohol or other drugs, mental health difficulties or other behavioral health challenges as well as those required to participate in treatment for substance use problems can benefit from our services. The duration and intensity of treatment services are matched to the individual's needs following a thorough assessment. Students, involved with the University's Office of Student Conduct, can benefit from prevention and diversion programs we offer. Behavioral Health Services provides counseling services to individuals of the Kalamazoo/southwest Michigan and WMU community, as well as WMU students and other young adults experiencing substance use problems or mental health challenges. Counseling services are offered at no cost to WMU BCBS PPO participants and their dependents.

What problems are addressed

What we can do