Walker Institute Publications

  • Racial and Ethnic Diversity: Experiences, Beliefs and Attitudes of 2011 Incoming Freshmen, released January, 2013 [pdf]

  • On Becoming "The Education Community"; The Kalamazoo Promise, The Community and It's Schools [pdf]
  • All of a Piece: Supporting the Healthy Growth, Development and Learning of Kalamazoo's Children [pdf]
  • Community Health in Kalamazoo[pdf]
  • KC's Kids KC's Future - A proposal for a Holistic Approach to Youth Development in Kalamazoo [pdf]
  • Unequal Chances [pdf]
  • Kalamazoo Community Indicators, November, 2010 [pdf]

LWI Research Presentations


  • Kalamazoo United for Shared Prosperity: Basic Principles and Proposed Strategy, April, 2014 [ppt]
  • Trends and Demographics of Poverty in Kalamazoo, February, 2014 [pdf]
  • Poverty in Southwest Michigan Headed in the Wrong Direction...What Will Be Our Response [ppt]
  • Basic Demographics of Southwest Michigan and Kalamazoo [pdf]
  • Poverty rates for Kalamazoo neighborhoods [pdf]
  • Ranking of Community Problems by Adults Attending the Mothers of Hope Ultimate Family Reunion, August, 2012 [ppt]


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