Web Content

Image of standard WMU Web pageThe standard WMU Web page consists of five content areas—header, three columns and footer. There are specific standards for each content area and general standards for all content on WMU Web pages.

There are also two-column and single-column (full-page width) options available, but they should only be used when necessitated by the page content. The single column should be used only with permission following discussion with the director of electronic communication in university relations.

General standards

All text and heads should conform to WMU writing style, including but not limited to, dates, times, places, abbreviations, capitalization, and formatting for email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers.

Do not use ampersands (&), ALL CAPS, italic or underlined text.

Avoid use of initials and abbreviations for WMU units, unless the initials are widely used by the general public. As examples, on second reference, you may use IT to refer to information technology, HR to refer to human resources, and rec center to refer to the recreation center.

Standards for images are included in the standards for column two (page content), column three (spotlights) and directory pages, which are the only places images are permitted.