Web Spotlights (Column 3)

Image of red arrow pointing to column 3 spotlights.The third column is used for featured links, referred to as "spotlights." It may include links to pages outside the section and is frequently used for that purpose, since the first column may only be used for pages within the section.

Standard spotlights include a 135 x 90 pixel image link with an associated text link below it. The column may also contain text links without images. Buttons, or text as images, are not permitted as spotlights in CMS at this time, unless an exemption has been granted.

Limit image links to not more than four. You can substitute two text-only links for an image link. (Example: three image links and two text links; two image links and four text links.)

Links are news case (cap first word and proper nouns). Try to keep links to one or two lines—three lines is the maximum allowed. Do not use ampersands (&), ALL CAPS or acronyms.

Social media icons go below the final link in column three. Only the standard social media icons should be used, and they should only link to social media pages directly related to the section.

A Facebook icon on the Department of English section may link to a Facebook fan page for the Department of English, the College of Arts and Sciences, or WMU, but there can only be one Facebook icon for the section, and it must link to the same Facebook page throughout the section.

Official social media pages must meet certain requirements and must be approved by the assistant director of electronic communication in university relations. Only links to official social media pages are permitted on WMU Web pages.

See the University policy on social media for more information.


To the greatest extent practical, use the standard sizes and aspect ratios listed in images.

Standard spotlights

Image of trumpet player used with points of pride spotlight.University relations is developing standard spotlights for popular pages, including WMU fast facts, WMU points of pride, Academic calendars, Online catalogs, Kalamazoo and West Michigan, Maps and directions, and more. These may be used for any Web section, but they must include the prescribed text link and must point to the prescribed page. The images selected for standard spotlights are reserved exclusively for those spotlights.