Web Section Names

Screen capture of the website highlighting the section title region

Example of the section name region

What we commonly refer to as a website at WMU (president's office website) is actually a section within a website, Western Michigan University. The distinction is important, especially in the context of an enterprise content management system.

The name of the section appears at the top of the left column (col. 1) as a link to the section's home page and is the H1 head at the top of the center or second column of the section's home page.

Do not use ampersands (&), ALL CAPS, abbreviations or initials in section names.

Omit center for, department of, office of

Some office and department names are very long. For consistency, the following should not be included as part of any section name.

Do not include
Center for
Department of
Division of
Institute for
Office of
Office of the Vice President for

The only exceptions are College of, School of, named units, and those cases in which omitting "office of" would misrepresent the section. Office of the President is the section for the office, not the person.

Examples of exceptions
College of Fine Arts
Haenicke Institute for Global Education
Office of the President

For most sections, "WMU" or "Western Michigan University" should be omitted from the section name as well. Some exceptions include WMU News, About WMU, Visit WMU and other sections where omitting it may misrepresent the section or confuse the visitor.

Last name only

Use only the last name of the person for units named for people.

Use Lee Honors College, not Carl E and Winifred Lee Honors College.
Use Frostic School of Art, not Gwen Frostic School of Art.
Use McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic.
Use Walker Institute for the Study of Race and Ethic Relations.

It is acceptable and advisable to include the full, formal name on first reference in body text on the section's home page.