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32 faculty members granted sabbaticals

Dec. 19, 1997

KALAMAZOO -- A total of 32 Western Michigan University faculty members were granted sabbatical leaves Dec. 19 by the WMU Board of Trustees.

Granted leaves for the entire 1998-99 academic year were: Dr. Estella Atekwana, associate professor of geology; Dr. Nora Berrah, associate professor of physics, Dr. Norman E. Carlson, associate professor of English; Dr. Susan L. Caulfield, associate professor of sociology; Dr. John R. Cooley, professor of English; Dr. Gwendolyn Etter-Lewis, associate professor of English; Dr. Tarun Gupta, associate professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering; Dr. Abdolazim Houshyar, professor of industrial and manufacturing engineering; Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani, professor of marketing; Dr. James F. McCarthy, associate professor of music; Cindee Peterson, associate professor of occupational therapy; Dr. David K. Peterson, associate professor of paper and printing science and engineering; Dr. Ben C. Pinkowski, professor of computer science; Dr. Susan Pozo, professor of economics; Dr. Kathleen M. Reding, associate professor of public affairs and administration; Dr. James R. Sanders, professor of educational leadership; Dr. Frank L. Severance, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering; Dr. Judith F. Stone, the Mary U. Meader Professor of Modern European History; Dr. Paul D. Thistle, professor of economics; Dr. Arthur T. White, professor of mathematics and statistics; Dr. Carl A. Woloszyk, professor of family and consumer sciences; and Dr. Lawrence Ziring, professor of political science.

Sabbatical leaves for these faculty members also were approved: Dr. James J. Bosco, professor of education and professional development, for winter 1999; Dr. David P. Cowan, professor of biological sciences, for winter 1999; Dr. Nancy A. Falk, professor of comparative religion, for fall 1998; Dr. Marianne Frauenknecht, associate professor of health, physical education and recreation, for fall 1998; Dr. Leander C. Jones, professor of black Americana studies, for winter 1999; Richard J. Keaveny, professor of art, for fall 1998; Dr. Stephen B. Malcolm, associate professor of biological sciences, for winter 1999; Dr. Robert H. Poel, professor of science studies, for fall 1998; Dr. Larry L. Tyler, professor of sociology, for fall 1998; and Dr. Allen Zagarell, associate professor of anthropology, for winter 1999 and fall 1999.

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