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WMU experts sing praises of music as study aid

August 20, 1998

KALAMAZOO -- New CDs may be useful back-to-school items for students interested in higher grades without extra study time. Studies on the "Mozart effect" suggest that people can learn faster and retain more by listening to Mozart while studying.

Dr. John Lychner, WMU assistant professor of music education, says further study is needed to prove the "Mozart effect," but music also has the potential to improve grades in other ways. Lychner says studying with any kind of background music could increase relaxation, consequently improving retention of study materials. He also suggests putting information to a melody, thereby employing oral, tactile and higher level thinking skills in the study process.

Lychner believes students use analytical and creative skills in playing musical instruments. This activity helps students "engage more of the brain," which, in turn, could lead to improved abilities with mathematical and verbal subject matter. For more information on music's impact on learning, persons should contact Lychner at his office at (616) 387-4628.

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