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Trustees approve names for two departments

April 23, 1999

KALAMAZOO--As part of a continuing redesign of Western Michigan University's College of Education, two new departments have been established and officially named.

At its meeting on Friday, April 23, the WMU Board of Trustees approved names for the two departments, which will be called the Department of Educational Studies and the Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership

The Department of Educational Studies is comprised of what was formerly the Department of Special Education; the measurement, research and evaluation program and faculty of the former Department of Educational Leadership; faculty members formerly in the socio-cultural foundations and the technology areas of the Department of Education and Professional Development; and the school psychology faculty member formerly in The Department of Counselor Education and Counseling Psychology. The new department provides support and service to other departments in the College of Education.

The Department of Teaching, Learning and Leadership is comprised of the teacher preparation and professional development areas of the former Department of Education and Professional Development, plus the school administrator preparation and general concentrations and programs of the former Department of Educational Leadership. This new department is primarily concerned with preparing school and school-related personnel.

Reorganizing the College of Education is expected to take several years. In March 1998, the Board of Trustees approved the redesign effort, which calls for:

At the time the Board approved the redesign effort a year ago, tentative names for the two redesigned departments were the Department of Special Education, Research, Foundations and Technology and the Department of Leadership and Learning. As the curriculum change process continued, those names were altered and the revised names were brought to trustees for approval.

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