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Trustees approve retirements of 12 faculty, five staff members

April 23, 2000

KALAMAZOO -- The retirements of 12 faculty members and five staff members were approved by the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees at its April 20 meeting. Trustees also accepted the resignations of 10 faculty and staff members.

All of the faculty members who are retiring are doing so with emeriti status. Their names, years of continuous service and effective dates of retirement are: Dr. Alfred J. Boals, professor of computer science, 15 years, effective June 30, 2000; Dr. Joseph T. Buckley, professor of mathematics and statistics, 30 1/2 years, effective Dec. 31, 2000; Dr. Gyula Ficsor, professor of biological sciences, 34 years, effective Aug. 6, 2001; Dr. Robert J. Griffin, professor of foreign languages and literatures, 30 years, effective April 21, 2001; Donald King, professor of art, 34 years, effective June 11, 2000; Dr. Kathleen M. Reding, associate professor of public affairs and administration, 10 1/2 years, effective Dec. 31, 2000; Dr. William A. Richie, professor of political science, 37 years, effective April 24, 2001; Dr. Herbert L. Smith, associate professor of sociology, 37 1/2 years, effective Jan. 3, 2001; Dr. John H. Stroupe, professor of English, 36 years, effective April 30, 2001; Dr. Edward L. Trembley, professor of counselor education and counseling psychology, 24 1/2 years, effective Dec. 21, 2000; Dr. Carol A. VanAuken-Haight, associate professor of finance and commercial law, 13 years, effective Aug. 31, 2000; Dr. Earl M. Washington, associate professor of communication and black Americana studies, 30 1/2 years, effective Jan. 1, 2001.

The staff members retiring are: Jean M. Cheever, switchboard coordinator, Telecommunications Department, 15 years, effective Feb. 1, 2000; Patricia A. Conolly, duplicator operator, Haworth College of Business, 13 years, effective April 30, 2000; Sandy S. Lemley, secretary, Office of Business Development, 14 years, effective Feb. 29, 2000; Peggy A. Seals, service request operator, Office of Residence Life, 14 years, effective April 28, 2000; Gertrude W. Stauffer, administrator, Faculty Senate Office, 18 1/2 years, effective April 30, 2000.

The faculty and staff members resigning are: Stephen Bartholomew, associate professor, Department of Physician Assistant, effective March 10, 2000; Dr. Subhayu Basu, assistant professor, Department of Paper and Printing Science and Engineering, effective Dec. 12, 1999; Kristin Dekam, instructor, Department of Philosophy, effective Dec. 11, 1999; Ellen Griggs-Drane, assistant professor, School of Music, effective Aug. 6, 2000; Betsey A. Grobecker, assistant professor, Department of Educational Studies, effective April 22, 2000; Donna M. Heady, assistant professor, Waldo Library, effective Feb. 29, 2000; Dr. George Heilman, assistant professor, Department of Business Information Systems, effective May 31, 2000; Daniel K. Marmion, assistant dean, Waldo Library, effective March 31, 2000; Mark Mueller, instructor, Department of Business Information Systems, effective Dec. 12, 1999; Dr. Danielle F. Wozniak, assistant professor, School of Social Work, effective April 16, 2000.

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