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Trustees approve faculty and staff retirements

May 31, 2001

KALAMAZOO -- The retirements of 12 faculty members and eight staff members were approved by the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees at its May 30 meeting. Trustees also accepted the resignations of five faculty members and one staff member.

All of the faculty members who are retiring are doing so with emeriti status. Their names, years of continuous service and effective dates of retirement are: Dr. Raymond E. Alie, professor of management, 22 years, effective June 30, 2001; Dr. Dale M. Brethower, professor of psychology, 24 years, effective Dec. 30, 2001; Dr. Mary Anne Bunda, professor of educational studies, 28-1/2 years, effective Jan. 1, 2002; Dr. Loren D. Crane, associate professor of communication, 36-1/2 years, effective Dec. 31, 2001; Dr. Ronald A. Crowell, associate professor of teaching, learning and leadership, 36 years, effective Jan. 1, 2002; Dr. Robert C. Eisenberg, professor of biological sciences, 33-1/2 years, effective April 21, 2001; Dr. R. Dean Kaul, associate professor of physics, 34-1/2 years, effective Dec. 31, 2001; Dr. Thomas F. Pagel, associate professor of communication, 31-1/2 years, effective Jan. 2, 2002; Dr. Thomas Seiler, professor of English and medieval studies, 31-1/2 years, effective Jan. 1, 2002; Dr. Nancy H. Steinhaus, associate professor of family and consumer sciences, 29-1/2 years, effective Jan. 2, 2002; Dr. Ralph K. Steinhaus, professor of chemistry, 33-1/2 years, effective Jan. 2, 2002; and Dr. Morton O. Wagenfeld, professor of sociology and community health services, 35-1/2 years, effective Jan. 1, 2002.

The staff members retiring are: Beatrice I. Clawson, clerk, Office of Alumni Relations, 17 years, effective June 30, 2001; William H. Cotton, director, business development services, Haworth College of Business, 14-1/2 years, effective March 6, 2001; Robert Donewald, special assistant to the director, Division of Intercollegiate Athletics, 12 years, effective May 1, 2001; Joyce A. Gregg, assistant cook, Valley I Dining Service, 17-1/2 years, effective April 30, 2001; Sharon K. Johnson, custodian, Physical Plant, 21-1/2 years, effective May 31, 2001; Janey Lutzka, manager, WMU Apartments, 27-1/2 years, effective March 4, 2001; Stephen E. Vesbit, coordinator of operations, Division of Continuing Education, 12 years, effective June 30, 2001; and Kay I. Yeckley, office coordinator, Department of Art, 33-1/2 years, effective June 30, 2001.

The faculty members resigning are: Dr. Anthony J. Cataldo, assistant professor of accountancy, effective April 15, 2001; Dr. Melissa Gibson, assistant professor of communication, effective Aug. 5, 2001; Dr. Anna Liesl Haas, assistant professor of political science, effective Aug. 5, 2001; Dr.
Yi-Ping Liu, assistant professor of chemistry, effective May 14, 2001; and Dr. Michael D. Slack, associate professor of mathematics, effective Aug. 5, 2001.

The staff member resigning is: Dr. Julie A. Stoffels, assistant dean, College of Education, effective Aug. 5, 2001.

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