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Faculty Senate welcomes 15 new senators

June 11, 2001

KALAMAZOO -- The introduction of 15 new senators and the election of members to four of the five senate councils took place at the Faculty Senate's annual meeting May 10 at the Fetzer Center.

Replacing those whose terms expired at the end of the 2000-01 academic year, the new senators and the departments they represent are: Ann Miles, anthropology; Paul R. Solomon, art; John A. Jellies, biological sciences; Leigh A. Ford, communication; Osama Abudayyeh, construction engineering, materials engineering and industrial design; Nicolas Witschi, English; David J. Flanagan, management; Frank M. Gambino, marketing; Edward Roth, music; Neil A. Pinney, political science; Gary Mathews, social work; and Ariel L.H. Anderson, teaching, learning and leadership.

Keith M. Hearit, communication; Raja G. Aravramuthan, paper printing and science; and Joseph S. Ellin, philosophy; will serve as representatives-at-large.

Senators whose terms expired and the departments they represented are: Robert L. Anemone, anthropology; Barbara I. Brotherton, art; Robert C. Eisenberg, biological sciences; Keith M. Hearit, communication; David Middleton, construction engineering, materials engineering and industrial design; Grace C. Tiffany, English; Raymond E. Alie, management; Richard E. Plank, marketing; Delores R. Gauthier, music; Lawrence Ziring, political science; Tracey Mabrey, social work; and Paul T. Wilson; teaching, learning and leadership.

The terms of three representatives-at-large, Andrew A. Brogowicz, chairperson of marketing; Werner Sichel, economics; and Joseph Ellin, philosophy; also expired.

In his remarks, Senate President Ralph Tanner lauded Sichel for the 37 years he served on the Faculty Senate.

Also at the meeting, new members were elected by ballot to four of the five senate councils. Those councils and their new members are:

Campus Planning and Finance Council: Kevin High, aviation; Sheldon Langsam, accountancy; and Paul Pancella, physics.

Graduate Studies Council: Leigh A. Ford; Suzanne Hedstrom, counselor education and counseling psychology; Hossein Mousavinezhad, electrical and computer engineering; and Mushtaq Luqmani, marketing.

Research Policies Council: Karim Essani, biological sciences; Kent Baldner, philosophy; J.D. Dolan, English; and Ahalapitiya Jayatissa, construction engineering, materials engineering and industrial design.

Undergraduate Studies Council: Ariel L.H. Anderson; Joyce Kubiski, art; David Reinhold, chemistry; David Rozelle, accountancy; and Lisa Whittaker, aviation.

The Technology and Operations Council did not have any members whose terms expired.

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