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Is Tony Soprano a wimp?

Oct. 24, 2001

KALAMAZOO -- What would Vito Corleone think?

When Corleone's son-in-law was giving him problems, the Godfather had him whacked. But for Tony Soprano, mafia patriarch in HBO's "The Sopranos," dealing with his own troubled son and other familial problems is a lot easier if he regularly sees his therapist.

The changing image of the organized crime boss, from cold-hearted tough guy to a man one can sympathize with, will be addressed at Western Michigan University Friday, Nov. 2, when an expert on the profeminist men's movement visits campus.

Dr. Harry Brod, associate professor of philosophy and humanities and director of the University Honors Program at the University of Northern Iowa, will present two talks during a two-day visit.

The first, at 7 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 1, will examine date rape prevention in an address titled "Men of Conscience: What Men Who Stand Against Sexual Assault Stand For," in the South Ballroom of the Bernhard Center.

The following day, Friday, Nov. 2, Brod will explore the transformation of Hollywood's image of the mafia don from that of the Godfather a la Marlon Brando to today's Tony Soprano. His presentation, "Diminished Masculinity in 'The Sopranos:' The Sorry Sons of the Godfather," will be held from noon to 2 p.m. in Room 210 of the Bernhard Center.

Brod's visit is sponsored by the WMU Graduate Student Advisory Committee and both presentations are free and open to the public.

The author of several books, including "The Making of Masculinities: The New Men's Studies," and "A Mensch Among Men: Explorations in Jewish Masculinity," Brod has lectured, taught, written and organized widely on the profeminist men's movement. He is currently working on a book about anti-racist white men.

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