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Free job postings offered to on-campus employers

June 22, 2004

KALAMAZOO--The BroncoJOBS Web site at Western Michigan University, <www.broncojobs.wmich.edu>, is a convenient way for offices across campus to advertise part-time student positions. Offices that regularly use this Career and Student Employment Services site are able to reach large numbers of potential student workers--year round and at no cost.

George Eskro, CSES associate director for student development, says now is a good time for WMU employers with part-time positions to start advertising jobs.

"A lot of incoming students go online to look for jobs while they're attending orientation sessions here in June and July," Eskro explains. "In addition, University units won't be able to hire as many students right before the fall semester as they have in the past because budget constraints have forced us to cancel our Student Employment Fair in late August."

BroncoJOBS benefits both employers and students, Eskro adds. For instance, units that hire students part time can use the site to post job openings and descriptions while students can use it to post resumes, sign up for interviews and conduct job searches.

Eskro also notes that BroncoJOBS is one of WMU's most often visited Web sites, yet many more off-campus employers use it as a resource than do on-campus employers.

"Students aren't promised jobs when they attend WMU, but we should give them as many opportunities to apply for jobs online and in person as we can," Eskro says. "Instead of publicizing on-campus jobs just through methods like word of mouth, we want to take the higher road. There's a large gap right now between how many positions are open and how many of these positions are posted with us."

That means students do not get an accurate impression of the actual number of jobs available on campus or how often they open up. In reality, Eskro says, WMU annually employs more than 4,000 part-time student workers, and about one-half to two-thirds of part-time student positions turn over every year.

Employers wishing to advertise positions through BroncoJOBS should call CSES at (269) 387-2725. They can either e-mail their openings and job descriptions to CSES and have CSES post the information, or they can request a username and password and post their jobs themselves.

Eskro says CSES welcomes job postings year round, but recommends making arrangements to post fall openings no later than the first week of August. He also suggests that jobs be listed for at least seven business days each time they become vacant.

Using BroncoJOBS to maintain an ongoing relationship with potential student workers creates and institutional culture that benefits the entire University community, Eskro emphasizes.

"Units that advertise their positions on our Web site demonstrate that WMU values part-time work as much as other kinds of employment," he says. "They also model excellent employment policies because we apply the same equal opportunity and fairness standards that the University applies when hiring full-time workers."

For more information, contact George Eskro at (269) 387-2745 or <george.eskro@wmich.edu>.

Media contact: Jeanne Baron, 269 387-8400, jeanne.baron@wmich.edu

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