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Holistic Health Care offers new minor

Sept. 9, 2004

KALAMAZOO--Starting this fall, undergraduate students at Western Michigan University who are interested in personal and global health have a new academic option: a minor in the WMU Holistic Health Care Program.

The minor developed because of the popularity of the program's undergraduate offerings as well as increasing national interest in holistic approaches to health care. Through a sequence of courses, the holistic health care minor exposes students to the connection between their own health and global health. Beginning with an examination of personal health, the minor program leads to an exploration of how people's lifestyle choices have an impact on their professional work and the larger community.

Students are offered skills in accessing and discerning evidence-based information about holistic health methods and are introduced to the benefits of relationship-centered approaches to health care, including the necessity of developing self-care skills in order to be effective professionals.

The 18 credit hour undergraduate minor curriculum considers the principle of "holism" both within health care as well as across other disciplines and fields. It is structured to meet the needs of undergraduate students who are majoring in a health care field and desire specialized study in holistic health. It also will appeal to undergraduate students majoring in non-health care fields, who are interested in considering the application of holistic theories.

Holistic health care is based on the philosophy of working with the whole person and recognizing the contextual factors that influence health. It is a system of principles and multidisciplinary approaches that promote well-being by considering the inter-connectedness among a person's physical, psychological, social, spiritual and environmental levels of functioning.

The Holistic Health Care Program has been at WMU for the past twenty-two years and offers a certificate program to graduate students. It was one of the first academic programs of its kind in the United States. The addition of the minor in holistic health care allows the program to offer students even more choices to incorporate a holistic perspective into their work and life.

For advising or to declare a minor in holistic health, call the College of Health and Human Services advising office at (269) 387-2656.

For more information about the program, write to WMU Holistic Health Program, 1903 W. Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5212, call (269) 387-2650 or e-mail <holistic_info@wmich.edu>.

Media contact: Mark Schwerin, 269 387-8400, mark.schwerin@wmich.edu

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