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Self Instructional Programs is now "Individual Learning"

March 1, 2005

KALAMAZOO--Beginning with Summer I registration Feb. 14, a popular academic program at Western Michigan University assumed a new name: Self Instructional Programs is now called Individual Learning Programs.

Except for the name, everything else about I.L. Programs remains the same. It continues to offer students the opportunity to take courses without limitations of time and place. Courses are developed and approved by university faculty and meet the same high standards as the traditional face-to-face courses. Some courses are paper based--called ILP, or Individual Learning-Paper--many of the courses are supplemented by the Web and are identified as ILW, or Individual Learning-Web. Others use videotape and e-mail. Students have approximately nine months to complete courses and may register at any time.

For additional information, visit Extended University Programs on the Web at <dde.wmich.edu/sip> or e-mail <de-info@wmich.edu>.

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