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Fall semester course registration begins in GoWMU

March 8, 2005

KALAMAZOO--Course registration for fall semester 2005 at Western Michigan University begins Monday, March 14. All course registration now takes place inside GoWMU, the university's secure intranet portal.

Course registration booklets will be available at campus distribution points early the week of March 14, including Waldo Library, the Bernhard Center and Office of the Registrar. In the meantime, students can view fall course schedules on the Student Services tab in GoWMU and the complete course schedule is available as a PDF file on the Office of the Registrar home page, <www.wmich.edu/registrar>.

Students can link to the login page by clicking on the GoWMU logo on the university home page. To enter GoWMU, students need to have their Bronco NetID (user name) and password.

In addition to students, every faculty and staff member has a Bronco NetID and password. There is help information available on the login page for those who don't know and those who have forgotten their Bronco NetID or password.

Once inside GoWMU, students will go to the Student Services tab to find links for registration. Students will see improvements when they begin the registration process. The system will check for duplicate courses and will not allow registration for different sections of the same course, nor will it allow registration in multiple courses in the same time block.

All course numbers now have four digits. A zero has been added to the end of previous course numbers, so Accounting 210 is now Accounting 2100.

One critical change compared to past practices involves "linked courses," for example, a lecture that carries the letter grade, but has a "linked lab" that is needed to fulfill the course requirement. When registering for a lecture with a linked lab, students must register for both at the same time, or an error will occur, and the student must begin registration again.

The system also enforces co-requisites. As with linked courses, students must enroll in co-requisites at the same time.

Instructions for course registration through GoWMU are available on the Office of the Registrar Web site as a PDF file. <www.wmich.edu/registrar/pdf/reginstructions.pdf>.

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