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Spartan fans urged to celebrate responsibly

April 1, 2005

KALAMAZOO--As the Michigan State University men's and women's basketball teams head to the Final Four in their respective NCAA Tournaments, MSU officials are urging their students to celebrate in a responsible manner; and Western Michigan University is passing the word along to its 28,000 students, as well.

"We know that a lot of our students will be watching the games here and in East Lansing," says Suzie Nagel, WMU associate dean of students. "We want them to enjoy the tournaments, but they also need to guard against getting caught up in events that could get out of control and cause permanent harm to their futures and those of their friends."

Michigan State has created a Web site at www.finalfour.msu.edu with messages from MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and head basketball coaches Tom Izzo and Joanne P. McCallie, as well as information on university and state policies and laws.

Michigan State and WMU officials urge students to bear the following in mind.

You do not have to be actively involved in "rioting" to be arrested. Watching a riot is also a crime.

Many illegal activities, such as vandalism, when committed in groups of four or more, can be considered acts of rioting and carry significantly tougher penalties than would otherwise be the case.

In addition to legal penalties, students found guilty of participating in civil disturbances may face additional penalties from their university.

Remember, the law says:

It is illegal to possess or consume alcohol if you are under 21.

It is illegal to sell alcoholic beverages or to charge money for cups, admission, music or other fees at events where alcohol is being served, without a liquor license issued by the state.

It is illegal to provide or sell alcohol to anyone under 21.

It is illegal to have open alcoholic containers in any place open to the public, including the campuses of all 15 public universities in Michigan.

It is illegal to have a party that disturbs your neighbors or damages their property.

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