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Richmond Center features two video exhibits

Jan. 10, 2008

KALAMAZOO--Two video exhibits, "17 Days" and "Plus 3 Ferris Wheels" open today in the Richmond Center for Visual Arts at Western Michigan University with a screening of Dietmar Krumrey's "Give and Take."

The first video in the "17 Days" exhibit, "Give and Take" unfolds a metaphor for communication. The video features the artist beating the waves of Northern Michigan's waters with a giant stick. As he exhausts himself, a giant clock rests in the sandy beach marking the passing of time and endurance.

"By forcing myself to enact and endure difficult and repetitive metaphors for the mundane routines imposed upon all of us by the everyday requirements of living," Krumrey says, "I am able to physically manifest my commitment to life and work despite their appearances of vanity and absurdity."

"17 Days" and "Plus 3 Ferris Wheels" will be shown on two 52-inch plasma screens located on the first two floors of the Richmond Center, at the building's front entrance. Pieces from the two exhibits will play continuously during normal gallery hours on scheduled days only. All screenings are open to the public free of charge.

Both exhibits were curated from an open call for video art. Of the 96 submissions received from across the globe, just 17 were selected for "17 Days." Others were chosen for "Plus 3 Ferris Wheels." The exhibits were designed by Adriane Little, WMU assistant professor of art, in cooperation with Don Desmett, director and curator of the Richmond Center.

"17 Days" Screening Schedule

Jan. 10, Thursday--video art by Dietmar Krumrey (Mt. Pleasant, Mich.)
Jan. 14, Monday--video art by Johnathan Franco (Lisbon, Portugal)
Jan. 17, Thursday--video art by Myriam Thyes (Dusseldorf, Germany)
Jan. 23, Wednesday--video art by Lydia Moyer (Covesville, Va.)
Jan. 31, Thursday--video art by Courtney Grim (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Feb. 4, Monday--video art by Tammy Renee Brackett (Hornell, N.Y.)
Feb. 7, Thursday--video art by Joe Nanashe (Jersey City, N.J.)
Feb. 12, Tuesday--video art by Chris Coleman (Denver)
Feb. 20, Wednesday--video art by Stephanie Lempert (New York)
March 11, Tuesday--video art by Roderick Coover (Philadelphia)
March 17, Monday--video art by Vagner Whitehead (Detroit)
March 20, Thursday--video art by Sylvie Belanger (Toronto)
March 26, Wednesday--video art by Deborah Jack (Jersey City, N.J.)
March 31, Monday--video art by David Poolman (Toronto)
April 3, Thursday--video art by Laleh Mehran (Denver)
April 9, Wednesday--video art by Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli (New York)
April 14, Monday--video art by Ling-Wen Tsai (Portland, Maine)

"Plus 3 Ferris Wheels" Screening Schedule

Feb. 27, Wednesday
Feb. 28, Thursday

"Plus 3 Ferris Wheels" artists include: Dave Ball (London), Megan Berner (Iowa City, Iowa), Valerie A. Brodar (Colorado Springs, Colo.), Anna Campbell (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Jenna Caschera (Kalamazoo), Christopher Cassidy (Greensboro, N.C.), Brian DeLevie (Denver), Celeste Fichter (New York), Michael Gamble (Gallup, N.M.), Matthew Garrison (Downingtown, Pa.), Jodi Hays (Nashville, Tenn.), Daniel Kariko (Tallahassee Fla.), Jacek J. Kolasinski (Miami), Karie Kupier (Kalamazoo), Ron Lambert (Andover, N.Y.), Brian Lauch (Pittsburgh), Petra Pokos (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Gary Lindgren (Somerset, N.J.), Lucinda Luvaas (Hemet, Calif.), Lilianne Milgrom (Fairfax Va.), Esther Maria Probst (Syracuse, N.Y.), Blake Shirley (Manchester, Conn.), Evelin Stermitz (Villach, Austria), Heather Strattion (Kalamazoo), Thanh Van Vo (Muncie, Ind.) and Vonda Yarberry (Springfield, Mo.).

For more information, visit www.17days.wordpress.com or www.3ferriswheels.wordpress.com.

Richmond Center gallery hours

The Richmond Center galleries are open Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Friday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.; and Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. For additional information, contact the Frostic School of Art Exhibitions Office at (269) 387-2455.

Media contact: Don Desmett, (269) 387-2455, donald.desmett@wmich.edu

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