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Stop Flu signs go up across campus

Sept. 17, 2009

KALAMAZOO--Western Michigan University is placing signs at all entrances to WMU buildings urging those with flu symptoms to stay home and follow the instructions at wmich.edu/flu.

Some students are questioning the seriousness of the situation, since H1N1 has many of the characteristics of seasonal flu, and the treatment is largely the same.

"What most people don't seem to understand is few of us have any immunity to H1N1," says Dr. Lisa Marshall, WMU medical director, "while many of us have built up considerable resistance to seasonal flu. Unless those with the H1N1 virus are isolated from others, this could spread very rapidly and affect a much larger percentage of the campus community than we have ever experienced with seasonal flu."

Specific recommendations and instructions

Stop Flu signs are being posted by building coordinators and other personnel. The postings are a recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and are not optional.

Additionally, signs are available as PDF files in the right column of the Flu Information Web pages, and faculty, staff and students are encouraged to print copies and post them on bulletin boards and other visible locations.

Do not place signs

  • In elevators or stairwells (fire code violation)
  • On elevator doors or over elevator buttons
  • Blocking other authorized signs, such as handicap entrance
  • Over fire alarms, Braille code or evacuation directions

It is likely that continued posting of Stop Flu signs at all building entrances will be required through at least December. Authorized personnel will be notified when signs may be removed.

Requests for additional Stop Flu signs should be sent to university-relations@wmich.edu.

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