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Protecting yourself from H1N1 flu

Oct. 22, 2009

KALAMAZOO--As reports of flu-like illness increase throughout the region, Western Michigan University President John M. Dunn is urging increased diligence in helping reduce the spread of infection on campus. The complete text of a message from the president to the WMU community follows.

To the WMU Community:

You have probably seen reports of widespread public school closings in Kalamazoo County and elsewhere. We have also seen a modest, but significant increase in the number of probable H1N1 [swine flu] cases on our Kalamazoo campus. Our situation is not unique. This is a pandemic, affecting schools, colleges and communities everywhere.

Please be assured we are continuously monitoring the situation and taking all appropriate steps to protect the campus community consistent with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and other health agencies.

I am personally committed to two propositions:

  • First, to the best of our ability, we will provide for the health and safety of our students and afford those who are ill and their families with every consideration and support possible.
  • Second, we will minimize the effects of this pandemic on our University's core mission. We will do everything possible to continue "life as usual" and minimize disruption of our teaching, research, service and community activities.

To support these goals, I am asking everyone to take seriously the recommendations we have outlined since the beginning of our school year. Given the recent increase in flu cases reported in the Kalamazoo area, I urge those who are in high-risk groups--pregnant women and those with immune disorders, diabetes, heart, respiratory or other chronic conditions--to be especially mindful of ways to protect themselves.

Recommendations for students and families

Recommendations for faculty and staff

We have and will continue to provide you with the best advice available, but good health is a personal responsibility. Please take the recommendations to wash your hands frequently and other precautions seriously.

John M. Dunn, President
Western Michigan University

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