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WMU One-to-One Wellness Program
Chad Avery's success story

Nov. 6, 2009

Photo of Chad Avery.   Chad Avery
WMU Landscape Services

"It's a great program; I wish more folks would get involved," says Chad Avery, arborist with WMU Landscape Services.

In 2006, Avery heard a convincing presentation about the One-to-One Wellness Program being piloted at WMU. "It was a no brainer," he says. "Where else could I get a confidential and comprehensive wellness assessment with recommendations and follow-up support for free?"

"I am making this investment so that I can really enjoy my later years." —Avery

Avery found the testing easy to bear--no needles, just a small poke on the finger--but was surprised by his results. Despite the fact that he was active and felt good, his numbers put him at risk in several areas. When he shared that information with his wife, things began to change in the Avery household. Today, health is "top of mind," and although he is not always perfect, he is aware of his decisions and able to make corrections when they are needed.

Since he began the program, Avery has become much more active, is eating better, and having more fun as he returns to the active lifestyle of his younger years. He has also lost some inches around the middle. His long-term goal is to manage his blood pressure without medication, just as he has managed to do with his other risk factors.

"I am more confident about my health and doing my job, and really glad I am making this investment so that I can really enjoy my later years," he says with a healthy grin.

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