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WMU One-to-One Wellness Program
Mary Peterson's success story

Nov. 6, 2009

Photo of Mary Peterson.   Mary Peterson
Speech Pathology and Audiology

Mary Peterson, a clinical specialist in WMU's Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology, joined the One-to-One Wellness Program during the pilot phase because work and family responsibilities were cramping her commitment to fitness and she had "put on a few pounds." Having watched both of her parents suffer from chronic diseases due to lifestyle choices, she had awareness and motivation guiding her decision.

"The program helps me keep my health on the priority list with other demands for my time." —Peterson

"I found the One-to-One staff to be nonjudgmental and very supportive in helping me find ways to get back on track," Peterson says. "Mine is not some sort of before and after miracle story. I have improved in some areas and maintained in others. The most important thing is that the program helps me keep my health on the priority list with other demands for my time and attention."

Her advice to others at WMU: Use the resources that are available. The One-to-One wellness coach is your advocate for good health and there is no cost to benefit-eligible employees. A second point she makes is that it is helpful to know that this program is not about perfection--it's about doing the best we can as we age and deal with other life changes.

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